Hellfire Chats: Morality versus Law

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Morality versus Law

     Debating morality in the social climate today always takes the form of who is right and who is wrong.  I believe we should change the debate, to start peeling back the layers of confrontation and self righteousness so we can all live in a better world. What is the difference between morality versus law?

     Equal rights are not a debate, equal rights are a fundamental principle of our great Republic granted to us by our founders for safe keeping..

     I will do my best to offer an enlightened and open view of the subjects discussed and hope that anyone watching will listen with an open mind.

MORAL SOCIETIES – Morality versus Law

     Within any Republic there can be many different societies practicing different beliefs. The laws are designed to ensure that morality of a particular society within the Republic cannot impede on the free will of any individual or group of people within the Republic.

     Our republic is  inclusive based,  What that means is you don’t have to belong to any particular group or belief system to have  fundamental  rights within the governing laws.

     Our founding fathers recognized and repeated over and over again that all people have a basic right to engage in their own individual beliefs and choices so long as it does not violate the laws of the Republic.

     The foundation that holds any free Republic together and keeps tyranny out is the idea that all individuals within the Republic have absolute right to free will.

     Or better explained, the different moral based societies within the Republic cannot use their beliefs in the creation of laws to outlaw the beliefs of another group or individual within the republic.

     Instead our founders would create a basic system of fundamental rights that uses the rule of law to protect each individual’s right to free will without persecution from another individual or moral group.


     Homosexuality is not a question of morality; it is however, a question of law.  At its core.. it is a question of the  fundamental rights of people to live in a free republic that upholds the rights of all people and does not use the creation of laws to infringe on the basic rights of individuals granted to us by the Republic.

THE COURTS- Morality versus Law

     In its most basic form,  no law can be created to give a moral society more authority than another moral society.  Remember, the laws are designed to protect the fundamental rights of all people regardless of what an individual believes, so long as their beliefs do not infringe on another individual’s free will.

     The question before the Supreme Court is very simple. Does an individual’s basic right of free will violate the laws of the Republic? The laws are designed to protect all the unique belief systems and the  free will of all individuals from each other in a Republic

     To answer the question,  please consider the basic rights of individuals in our republic, that is… Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness without interference from the Government.. I believe the answer becomes very simple..

     No law can be created to give one moral society complete authority over the rights of individuals in the Republic, therefore, individuals rights to gay marriage are the exact same rights as everyone else in the Republic and no law can be created otherwise based on a discussion of morality.

     Is it that the courts have forgotten their mission? They are tasked with interpreting the  Laws to ensure they  are designed to protect an individual’s fundamental rights  from being  violated by others – not punish members of a Republic because they refuse to submit their free will to another societies morality.

     Laws are enacted to protect all the unique belief systems and the  free will of all individuals from each other in a Republic.

The Deviant View on Morality versus Law

     I understand my words may empower some, confuse some and offend others.

     I only hope to be a voice of moderation.   I would not ask anyone to change their beliefs , only to be tolerant in what others choose to believe in.

     I will not challenge the faith in what it is you believe.

     I will challenge your faith in the Republic and what it means to be free. I challenge your faith in humanity and the rights of all persons under any god to be free from oppression and persecution.

     Tyranny is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.. I would ask everyone listening to consider the dangers of oppression, today it’s gay rights tomorrow it will be your rights..

     Tyranny is never taken , it is given freely.

     We may not all be united under the same god.. however,  we are united in the fight against tyranny..

     We find ourselves at a crossroads in history, a moment  of truth , will we unite to put our differences aside and stand for the free republic our ancestors entrusted to us?

     or we will fall divided, and let what are founders feared most take hold.. tyranny and oppression.

     If you want to be free to practice your beliefs in a Republic you must also be willing to defend the rights of all people whether you agree with them or not.

     If you want to ensure your children have the same freedoms you have enjoyed then you will stand side by side with those you don’t agree with to keep the Republic free from oppression and tyranny.

     I believe UNITED WE ARE ONE…..

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