The Ingrates Taken over the Asylum – Bad Leadership?

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     You don’t have to look very hard to see the bad leadership we have today in just about every aspect of our lives is borderline incompetent and filled with ingrates. Your boss at work, your child’s coach on the local sports team, your senator, a teacher or even your clergyman- you have to wonder what the hell happened. How did these people come to be in charge? In almost every aspect of our lives today the people who have entrusted with making the decisions that affect how we live, our quality of life and our ability to thrive is cause for serious concern.

     You might ask yourself, why does bad leadership matter to you? It matters for one serious reason. Humans should never be in a position to literally lose their entire life based on a decision of a single ingrate that has too much control over our lives. Humans, in general, have learned to live with the fact that nature isn’t always our friend, therefore we have developed techniques like canning in order to survive when nature would rather test our primal instincts. The fact is, very few of us have any control over our own destiny in the current society we live in. When I say control I mean the fundamentals such as the food we eat, the amount of hours we work or the type of education our children receive.

     I can’t read a newspaper without seeing some company going out of business or laying off employees by the thousands because of “questionable” accounting or just outright bad decisions. To make matters worse, the ingrates in charge walk away with Golden parachutes while the average man and woman are left to deal with the carnage in their wake. The workers can’t get a decent raise for doing a great job and a lifelong commitment, but the ingrates in charge can get millions for bankrupting a company after a year or two.

     I can’t read a story on a news website without being inundated with articles of police oppression and local government corruption. These are the people sworn to protect us and make laws that are fair, not use us as target practice or use their authority for their own personal gain. Trust me we need the police; however, we need honest police that are concerned about the rule of law. How in the world can we let police departments outright steal from people using the civil forfeiture laws. Isn’t that what the Nazis did? The police are not the money-making arm of local governments. Police should protect citizens, instead local governments have turned them into a collection and enforcement gang.

     When is the last time you read a mainstream media website and DIDN’T read a story of some ingrate teacher using their position at school like a singles dating game? These ingrates are tasked with educating our children, creating the leaders of tomorrow. Not having sex with children because they are desperate, immature losers. Let me explain something, when you become a teacher part of it is not having sex with your students. Teaching is not a profession where fraternizing with the clients is an acceptable form of business. If you are the type of person who wants to have sex with your students, DO NOT become a teacher.

     I often wonder if there are any good leaders left and if there are, would we even know it when we met one. I sometimes wonder if it weren’t for bad leadership we wouldn’t have any at all. It appears to me that we can breed ingrates like rabbits and the good leaders are an endangered species. Maybe there should be a SAVE THE GOOD LEADER fund. I have a feeling if something doesn’t change; when our children grow up they will go to a zoo to see what a good leader used to look like. Good leaders will be put on a breeding scheduled to try and boost the population. There will be stories passed down by which we will describe a time when there was a leader who you could trust and believe in. Our children won’t play follow the leader in the school yard they will play follow the ingrate.

The Deviant View on Bad Leadership

     I understand the struggles we all face when it comes to living today. Let’s be honest, it’s not easy for the middle class anymore. The problem is too many ingrates have their hands in our pockets. Every time we turn around taxes go up, health care goes up, food goes up. All the while we have to work harder, get stressed out more, take on more debt just to struggle to hang on so the ingrates can continue to prosper.

     We have all heard the phrase “the inmates can’t run the asylum”. The one thing I can promise you, we would have been lucky if the inmates took over the asylum, at least they would have some idea of how to run the place.


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