School is No Place for Children


Drugs, Violence, Bullying and Perverts OH MY, sending your children to school!

     The school systems today, primarily the public schools, are certainly not what they used to be. If I had to choose a place to start I suppose the best place to begin is the drug epidemic that continues to get persistently worse in education.  Schools today are more like pharmaceutical dispensaries than distribution centers of knowledge.  These kids know more about the types of drugs, dosages, what they cost and where to get them than they know about the scientific method.

     The majority of our communities across the country are faced with this issue regardless of the district. It doesn’t matter if it’s an inner city school or a well-to-do suburban school. The drug problem has reached all time epidemic proportions and I’m not talking about marijuana and beer.  The types of drugs kids are exposed to and taking today are the worst of the worst. These drugs can ruin a person’s life and more often than not cause death. No adult is equipped to deal with the consequences of hard core drugs; why would any child be able to?

     What’s really disturbing is the children more often than not get introduced to these poisons in school by their classmates. Kids aren’t being exposed to this stuff by some random seedy dealer on an inner city street corner or dark alley; it’s their popular friend in gym class who comes from a great family. I actually don’t even think its peer pressure anymore, I think the problem is so rampant, so ingrained and almost to a point where it’s so accepted that it’s normal part of growing up today. Much like a child playing tag in the schoolyard was a recess standard while I was growing up, children are accustomed to the drugs in school.

     Violence in school today comes in a few different flavors. We have bullies, gangs, and school shootings.  The bullies are nothing short of predators. The amount of harassment these bullies can dish out leaves me awe struck.  The bullying isn’t limited to school hours anymore. Social media gives the bully almost 24 hour access to harass and intimidate a person. Every waking moment of a bullied child’s life becomes a constant state of torment from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. Children who are bullied today simply cannot get a break from it.  How children are sized up and judged is astounding.  There seems to be no limit to it, doesn’t matter if the child is fat, skinny, rich or poor almost any reason a bully can come up with to torture another child is good enough. Bullying is nothing short of predatory behavior. With the endless amount of social media today, children learn more from the internet on the ways of proper bullying than they do about history.

     Gang violence and school shootings in some of our schools are completely out of control.  Not only do these particular children attack peers, they also attack teachers and administrators as well.  The amount of violence in schools is up there with violence associated with civil wars. Some schools are descending into a complete state of bedlam. Our schools have literally turned into war zones. Schools should be a place of refuge and education where kids can be safe, not a battlefield where they learn guerrilla warfare and camouflage techniques as to blend in and hopefully not get caught in a cross-fire.  Pretty soon we are going to have an entire generation suffering PTSD from the violence they suffered during their time in school.

     I can’t go a week and not come across several articles about a teacher caught having inappropriate relationship with a student.  Teachers having sex with students today is outrageous.  What in the hell is going on? Do we really want all these perverts teaching our children? When I say perverts, I’m not talking about what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home, I’m talking about adults in a position of authority wielding that authority over a child to pursue a sexual relationship. Is there anything more disturbing, you send your child to a place to be educated and instead you find out they were lured into a relationship by a predator.  Is it any wonder our children graduate high school and can’t read? Is it me or does it appear an usual amount of teachers seem to care more about having sex with students than education?  Every new school year is like the start of the hunting season, and our children are the prey.

The Deviant View on School and bullying

     Today, clearly schools are no place for children. They would almost be safer and taught better in a prison.

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