Perilous Times Call for Deviant Measures – Societal Collapse

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     The world today is in a constant state of peril, some would say on the edge of an societal collapse . Everywhere you look whether it’s the newspapers, on-line or TV you are repeatedly inundated with images and stories of despicable acts of real life horror. These stories seem to have no limit to the level of how far we as humans will go to test the bounds of suffrage. We live almost in a constant state of fear, depression and anxiety of all the things around us. It’s no wonder so many people take medication for all the ailments that afflict us as people, or worse yet, go crazy and commit heinous acts of atrocity against their fellow human beings.

     What are deviant measures you may be asking? Deviant measures are anything you can do on a personal level making the world and your personal life a better place to exist. If you work for someone else and you are reliant every week on a paycheck to barely pay your bills week to week, you may want to consider downsizing your life, being committed to living within your means, paying down debt or even starting a small work from home business on the side. Anything you can do to be less reliant on someone else or the system to support your family the better. Make no mistake if you are going to a job to earn a paycheck, YOU ARE RELIANT ON SOMEONE ELSE.

     Lets be honest we live in a violent world. It appears everyone is out to take from someone else, what could me true in a societal collapse. I respect the police very much as they have a very complicated, dangerous job, however police are there to react, they don’t prevent. We live in an overcrowded angry society where most people cannot meet the basic necessities anymore. We are living in a powder keg that is ready to explode at any moment. If you don’t have the ability to protect yourself and your family YOU ARE RELIANT ON SOMEONE ELSE to do it for you.

     Deviant measures can also be acquiring a skill that would be required in a societal collapse. Let me clarify a real life skill such as; gardening or fishing. Computer programming is not a skill, it’s a profession. Computer programming will not provide heat when there is none, fire does that. It will not provide food for your family when there isn’t any to be had, gardening and hunting do that. I am a firm believer that all humans should have the basic skills required to live regardless of how much food Wal-Mart has or how cheap gas is. Humans have survived on this planet of a long time through many catastrophic events because we had the skills to do so. Most of these skills are being forgotten in our illusionary world of convenience. All the access we have to food, medicine and shelter is only good as long as it’s there. The only skills that truly matter and will last are the real skills you can acquire and pass down to the next generation.

The Deviant View on Perilous Times and Societal Collapse
     Deviant Measures can also be getting outside the box in your thinking. When is the last time you were involved in a conversation that didn’t have an exchange that is pretty much the standard canned replies. Have you tried having an honest conversation with how you really think? Have a conversation you haven’t had before or were always afraid to have. These types of conversations will set you free mentally to explore who you can become. Give you a little breathing room for self expression. Don’t be fooled by the corporate governed media today that creates the debate and provides the answers.

     Most of all, Deviant Measures are being true to yourself. I realize this isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. We are judged constantly against what the media says we should be. Don’t be afraid to grow a garden, fix your own car, read a story to your child or sit on the porch and enjoy a sunrise or sunset. All of those things require you to slow down and enjoy doing something for yourself that you can be proud of. Awhile back a friend of mine shared the last words their Grandmother ever said before her passing. Those words were “IT WENT TO FAST”. Take the time now to enjoy what little time you have on this earth. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

Perilous Times Call for Deviant Measures

King Deviant

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