Prepping Ain’t Easy but it Puts Food on the Table

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     When I was growing up, I was told a good boy scout is someone who always prepared. Now we call people who are prepared or prepping, paranoid. If you were to take time and read almost any government website today, almost all recommend that everyone in the entire country, no matter where they live, have a few days worth of supplies on hand in the event of disaster, regardless of what the disaster could be. It really is just plain smart, simple advice. You never know when something can happen that will impede your ability to acquire the basic necessities, such as food and clean water to drink.

     It is common knowledge the government has spent billions, if not trillions, of your hardworking tax-paying dollars building gigantic underground facilities to survive and wait out a catastrophic event. We can all agree the continuity of government is crucial to the survival, success, and coordination of services for our nation should that need arise. However, if someone stores a few cans in a pantry to be prepared, known as prepping, in the event of an emergency they are crazy? Seriously, the government saving themselves and their family members is completely natural but a normal citizen needs their head examined? When did protecting our own lives become a cause for medication?

     I realize that prepping by spending money on food and water storage today isn’t the “sexiest” thing to do. It’s certainly not glamorous like flashy new shoes or fun to play with like a new video game. No one considers storing non-perishable today food because anyone can run down to the local fast food joint or grocery store and buy food or something to drink on demand. However, those things are only good as long as they are available. Ask anyone who lived through the last two major hurricanes or the tornados that ripped through the Midwest in our country if fast food, grocery stores and tap water were available. These are a few examples of the horrific consequences of Mother Nature during her most violent mood swing.

     We have survived on this planet for an extremely long time because we had the knowledge and ability to do so. A skill such as canning, which seems very few people can do anymore, is being lost to the idea of fast food. The ability to make fire and purify water, again, has enabled us to live through very difficult times. I have even met people with children that don’t even have a basic first aid kit in their house readily available. I’m not saying you need a hospital caliber transplant ready ER in your house, but having a few band-aids and antibiotic ointment is probably a good idea. We have become so accustomed to someone else doing the basics for us that we don’t even think about doing it for ourselves anymore.

     I prefer to say people that aren’t prepared are delusional. I personally believe everyone should have at least two weeks worth of necessities on hand at all times. I believe the government websites recommend 3 days. I think that’s a good start, but in the event of a real tragedy it will most certainly take more than that.

     Let me finish by saying, I don’t think having 20 yrs worth of food and a million dollar bunker is where you have to go. However, having a few days or week worth of basic necessities is probably a really good idea. We live in a time when you can acquire long term storage foods very cheap and they are readily available BEFORE a crisis happens. You can buy the supplies, put it in a closet and not think about it for 20 yrs, but have peace of mind knowing it is there should it be needed.

The Deviant View on Prepping

     We all have seen the devastation and destruction caused by natural disasters. We have also witnessed firsthand how hard it can be to move supplies and aid in after a catastrophic event. There is nothing more important in this life than having the ability to provide for and protect your family. If you are the type of person with the mindset ‘it won’t happen here’ or ‘the government will provide the basic necessities when the crisis passes,’ you are foolish. Instead be smart, have a few days worth of the basics to meet the needs of yourself and your family.

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