Public Breastfeeding: The most renewable resource is now offensive?

public breastfeeding

     This is a very strange subject to write about. I actually had a hard time writing something that would be somewhat interesting. To me, the entire concept of shaming public breastfeeding women is pure insanity and it seems silly to have to write an essay defending the right of a woman to breastfeed wherever and whenever she damn well pleases, but here it goes.

     Current census statistics put the population of women in the world around 4 billion. That means there are roughly 8 billion boobs in the world. (Woman boobs anyway). That number does not take into account the amount of animals out there that have the ability to feed their young via nipples. How can 8 billion boobs exist and people find boobs offensive? Boobs are literally the most abundant natural renewable resource on the entire planet. Think of that number, 8 billion – meaning no matter where you look, you will undoubtedly see a boob somewhere.

     Let’s talk about the “green” movement that is a huge “trend” now in the world. Breastfeeding a baby is the greenest act on the face of the planet. A mother’s body working the way it is supposed to, how Mother Nature intended for us to feed our young. Before the invention of synthetic formula, mothers were feeding their babies via BOOBS for; oh I don’t know…500, 000 yrs. HOW DO YOU THINK YOU CAME TO BE ALIVE? Because your ancestors breastfeed your ancestors. A mother is the facilitator of life, she is the most precious resource on the ENTIRE planet and those who shame women for breastfeeding or find breastfeeding to be offensive should MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS as you are clearly a fool that doesn’t deserve an opinion. How in the world anyone with half a brain can shame the miracle of a mother nurturing her young is beyond me.

     People have become so disconnected from what nature intended that we now think a mother providing milk to her child is an obscenity? I realize we have lost all respect for the oceans, forests, farm land and habitats for indigenous humans, is this the next step in our human de-evolution? We, as a species, have to recognize that breastfeeding is not pornographic; it is an act of nature that is a requirement for life. Is this another natural resource we will squander out of our own sheer stupidity?

     I recently heard an argument that stated urination is natural but there has rules around it. While I agree with the astute observation that urination is a natural act of human behavior, it is not required to give a baby the chance to survive. Let us not forget, one is the act of sustaining life and one is the act of dispensing of the body’s garbage. I don’t think you can possibly compare the two.

     I also realize there are unnatural alternatives; however, we should not shame any mother into using unnatural, costly alternative to what her body can provide naturally for free, merely because some ingrate is offended. If you are the type of person that is easily offended, then maybe you are the one who should be shamed for being short-sighted and stupid.

The Deviant View on Public Breastfeeding

     Where does the insanity stop? Will we start requiring wild animals to breastfeed their young in a lactation room because it is obscene instead public breastfeeding where everyone can see? Will we go so far as to say that our children shouldn’t witness Mother Nature working her magic and the miracle of life is offensive? We all need to decide what side of the fence we are on, when the right of a mother to feed her baby is being questioned. This is a GOD GIVEN right that Mother Nature, in all her wisdom, bestowed upon us and should not become fodder for debate. What’s next? Will make male animals wear pants so our children don’t see what a penis looks like?

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