Weapons of Mass Manipulation

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     The concept of mass manipulation in a society is not new. If we look back through history we can absolutely see where it has been used many times to benefit a few at the expense of the many.  I will try my best to detail what I believe are the three most influential techniques used to manipulate a society to move them in a direction, without the people being aware of it.

     The easiest way to manipulation is through the media by using techniques designed to induce distractions and entice fear or greed. Don’t think for one moment that everything you watch on government controlled media isn’t designed and disguised as a means to have you behave in a certain way.  Whether it’s buying something you probably never wanted or spending money you don’t have; the media can be used in a multitude of ways to get society to behave in way that is beneficial to someone or change their behavior for whatever reasons it’s needed.

     If you believe any of this to be nonsense, then I would ask you to consider when the War of the Worlds was first premiered on radio. People were literally running scared in the streets because they actually believed aliens had come and were taking over the planet. It really does show the power of mass media- and remember that was done with just radio.  Imagine what can be done using images.

     Debt is the second tool used for mass manipulation.  Keeping people in debt goes all the way back to the beginning of time.  This is an oldie but goodie. Debt is used to get people of a society to do the bidding of whoever is in charge.  The media and debt go hand and hand.  The media consistently associates happiness with big homes, fancy cars and expensive clothes. All of which the average person cannot afford easily.  Debt is just another form of manipulation to get people to either behave in a certain way or be too distracted to really pay attention to what is going on around them.

     The way the monetary system is setup today, you are guaranteed to be in debt your entire life. We all spend too much of the valuable time we have on earth- usually at a place no one rally wants to be at- to buy a bunch of crap that no one really wants anyway. All the while, life is passing by, opportunities to live are passing by, even our children growing up and we weren’t there to enjoy them.  I can’t even begin to imagine all of this manipulation is a good thing. Debt leads to stress, stress leads to illness and illness will eventually lead to you being on the other side of the dirt, wishing you could go back and have a little time to enjoy life.

     The last item I would like to discuss, and certainly isn’t last, is a central planning government. Maybe better stated, this is a government that convinces its people that it has all the answers and can provide relief to its people through legislation. I have often said, you cannot legislate success but you can certainly legislate failure.  We currently have a government that literally does nothing but create more and more useless laws every year. Not only are they creating more and more laws that really have no bearing on anything, they are also creating huge amounts of debt that will paralyze generations to come.

     Once the huge amount of government debt is created, the people of the country are on the hook to pay it back, not the government. Therefore, the government continuously raises taxes to steal from the people, trying to pay a debt they created, making sure the people can’t get ahead. When taxes aren’t enough they create laws like civil forfeiture to take even more.

The Deviant View on Mass Manipulation

     The reason I’m writing this article is to bring to light how much mass manipulation there is without even realizing it. Strangely, today we almost manipulate ourselves by letting the garbage and fear into our minds and believing a lie that does not exist.  I also happen to believe this is why so many people are depressed and angry today.  We live in a world where we can’t live the way we want, only a world where everyone has a hand in our pockets, manipulates us to sell products or ideas and takes from us at a moment’s notice. Next time you’re watching a show, thinking of buying that expensive piece of crap on a credit card that you will probably throw out in 6 weeks or listening to the nonsense of a politician, I want you to consider what is really being said and how it affects you.

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