Trump ’em All Let Congress Sort ’em Out

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     I don’t know how much I personally care for the politics of Trump, but love him or hate him we can all agree he brings something unique to the political landscape that our country hasn’t seen or heard in a hundred years. I don’t want to get into a lengthy discussion of his politics; rather, I would prefer to discuss what he represents to our county during this unique time in history where change is needed more than ever.

     Trump, for better or worse, brings a different conversation to the party. He isn’t up there complaining about the same nonsense, go nowhere, polarizing issues that every politician in the last 40 years has built their political future on. Topics such as abortion and homosexual marriage have been the center of the debate for way too long. Trump is bringing the real debate to the forefront of America. Ideals like job creation, having a great country founded in opportunity and the wealth inequality that is currently ravaging this nation like black plague did in Europe so many years ago.

     I also really appreciate how Trump takes on questions involving how he would solve some of the problems facing this country. His answer is usually something along the lines of, “don’t worry about it, I’m Trump, I get things done.” The reason I like his answer is because any person who has a knack for solving problems knows one thing, you can’t solve the problem until you know what the real problem is. I would rather have someone say I have no idea what the real issue is, but I’ll figure it out and get it done. As opposed to some fool telling me what I want to hear or giving some canned politically correct reply because they really couldn’t sole their way out of a wet paper bag.

     We all know the majority of politicians, not only in our country but all countries, get into the political arena to further their own agenda and careers. There are actually quite a few politicians who weren’t wealthy when they went into politics but were extremely wealthy when they left. Trump, on the other hand, is already ready rich and powerful- he isn’t running for President to get rich and powerful. This is a huge fact that cannot be easily or readily discarded. That in my opinion makes him much more trustworthy than the traditional politician. He really does seem more concerned about the overall health of our great country because he doesn’t need the headache for anything else.

     Let’s be honest, there is also something to be said for knowing what you are getting. Trump has been around in the media spotlight for so long that pretty much everything about him is already known. As opposed to either a career politician, who spent their entire lives spinning their very existence, or someone who is rather unknown and you have no idea what you are going to get. He doesn’t have a whole lot to hide and there isn’t much that people don’t already know about him.

     The other part of this particular equation is the fact he isn’t lying to anyone or providing lip service to gain votes. He is simply saying, look, if you want someone who can get it done, that’s me, if you want someone to tell you what you want to hear so you feel safe that’s someone else.” I personally think it’s about time someone came along to put political correctness aside to tell it straight. We all know the truth hurts and someone has finally come along who is willing to say it. How else do you propose we, as a country, move forward?

     I feel its 100% time someone came along that was willing to stand up and say what needs to be said and deal with the things that need to be dealt with no matter how uncomfortable the issues may be to hear. If there’s one thing I have learned over the last 20 years of watching politics it’s that you cannot run a country based on polls. For far too long, opinion polls and approval ratings have decided the fate of our country and its time to put that behind us for the overall success of our great Republic.

The Deviant View on Trump

     I don’t personally know if Trump is the answer to our problems. He certainly brings a new set of issues such as the name calling and his unnecessary bullying. I feel he would be better served to speak his mind without all the unpleasantness. I can handle the truth, but leave the insults for the elementary school yard.

     I think what he is representing right now is exactly what the country needs. I don’t agree with most of his political views but I agree with someone telling me straight. I think all politicians should be so brave. That’s exactly what he is representing, bravery and honesty in politics. Who would have thought an idea actually exists or was even possible in today’s political climate?

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