If the Economic Collapse is Coming, WHO F*&KING Cares?

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     There is a plethora of articles written today about the coming economic collapse of the worldwide financial systems. It seems everyone has an opinion as to when it will happen or what will cause the eventual collapse. There are even more articles written on how to survive the coming apocalypse, from living underground to stockpiling food for 20 years. We even have a ton of opinions as to what it will look like from roving bands of starving people, marshal law, or zombies running around hungry for your brain.

     I think most can agree with the current perilous state of finances in the world today and the eventual collapse of the system, however, I don’t really see it as a bad thing. I see it as part of the overall change societies go through and a necessary evil to move on. Humanity has always gone through cycles. Just because we have cell phones and microwave ovens, that doesn’t mean we aren’t susceptible to the changes societies have always undergone.

     I have always believed in being prepared. Having said that, I do believe there is a real difference between being prepared and being paranoid to a point of self delusion. Living in a constant state of fear and anxiety for something that may or may not happen is not the best way to be engaged in a productive life. The amount of stress it creates on the body and mind can be enormous. Trust me, given the known health implications of too much stress, with this style of living you will be lucky to live to the economic collapse, let alone live through it.

     Man throughout history has always faced some sort of threat, whether it was the dinosaurs, pandemic outbreaks, ice ages, nuclear accidents or Jack the Ripper. I remember when I was a lad in elementary school performing air raid drills because the nasty commies were coming to get us. There is always a threat of some kind, somewhere. This great planet of ours has always given life; Mother and Human Nature have always found a way to take’th away. What has allowed man to survive in this hostile and volatile environment and to keep on keeping on is mans’ unique ability to be resourceful, innovative and calm. Oh yeah, and our opposable thumb. If that were taken away we would have a real catastrophic calamity to deal with. So long as we still have that we should be just fine.

     Humans in general have evolved to the point where we can take it as it comes. While I realize that everything today in the current society is based on money, that doesn’t mean it will after a collapse. Man can still grow food, cut wood for heat and purify water. Man has also had a highly evolved form of intellect that enables us to live tribally to share the daily hardships of living off the land. Remember man harnessed the ability of fire a long time ago and figured out the use of the wheel and that won’t change. Maybe it will require some work- physical that is. Maybe it will even require man to learn how to share again and possibly even be accountable to something more than himself or herself but it can surely be done.

     If an economic collapse is going to happen, it’s going to happen. I wrote an article a few back on prepping. There is no reason to get overly concerned if you take a few precautions beforehand or learn a few skills that quite honestly have been around since the beginning of time. The skills aren’t that complicated and would absolutely see you through anything that might happen, outside of course, of a nuclear disaster. By the way, there is no prepping you are going to do that could possibly see you through a catastrophic nuclear incident. I believe that will be luck of the draw.

     This article is not a disagreement of an economic collapse, personally I think everything goes in cycles and it will be an inevitable outcome. Instead of worrying so much, take responsibility for yourself and your family. You can’t be worried all the time. What will be, will be and you will just have to deal with it. If you are concerned, take the time now to make sure you are in a good position should something happen and up your chances for you and your family.

     Take comfort in the fact that man has always been on the precipice of extinction, much like every other animal, and there is always a new day. This is nothing new. Society today makes life extremely easy for us, but if it isn’t so easy it doesn’t mean it’s the end.


THE DEVIANT VIEW on Economic Collapse

     Take care of yourself not to add any unnecessary stress to your daily life or your families, especially with things you cannot control. Be mindful of the things going on around you and control what you can and don’t be stressed with the things you can’t. We all have more than enough stress to deal with without being overly concerned of the coming zombie apocalypse.
We have become a society of waiting for other people to do everything for us. Don’t adopt a defeated mentality. You can relieve your worries and fear with a little bit of action. If you want to store some food, go for it. If you want to learn some new skills, do that. Hell, if you want to do nothing and take your chances, do that. All I’m saying is don’t live in a constant state of fear and anxiety when in the end it won’t matter anyway because more than likely, luck will be the deciding factor in your ability to survive. Either you will figure it out and prosper or you won’t.

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