We Don’t Need Wyatt Earp (thoughts on mass shooting)

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     The media coverage of all the mass shootings and the raging debate of gun control have finally come to a head. Gun supporters say we need a heavily armed society to protect us in the event of a mass shooting. The other side is saying we need fewer guns to protect society. Paranoia and political agenda on both sides has reached an all time high. There are people out there that would never typically buy a gun running out to stock up on weapons and bullets. Then there are people calling for an all out ban on the second amendment. If anyone were to take the time to think logically you would see neither is true.

     I decided to write this after a conversation with a friend. We were standing around talking about the news of the day, as most people do, and he mentioned to me he was going to purchase and carry a hand gun,concealed firearm, for the sole purpose of protection in an mass shooting situation. My advice and thoughts on the subject to him are detailed here. Carrying a gun for “personal” and property protection is one thing; active shooter is an entirely different universe.

     Let me be clear, I am a staunch supporter of the second amendment and I will vehemently oppose any alterations or restrictions of law abiding citizen’s right to carry guns. Our founders put it there for a reason. However, as a law abiding, hard working, taxpaying American I don’t know the answer is for the average citizen to be heavily armed with the intention of stopping an active shooter or criminal act in progress. Personal protection in a one on one confrontation is hard enough, war is another story.

     First and foremost we have a major problem in the way the media depicts action heroes today. Millions of Americans watch movies and TV shows that depict average people saving the day. More often than not, the hero is using a firearm in a “fantasy” world. Furthermore, we have millions of young and old playing video games that are related to battle and the warrior life. Let me be clear these are fantasies not reality. If you believe for one second that because you watch a TV show or play a video game that you are capable of handling a firearm in an extremely stressful situation, where there is complete chaos, bullets flying at you, people screaming and yelling and involves life and death, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL AND SHOULD BE MEDICATED. I don’t like saying that to anyone, but someone should probably tell you.

     Governments spend billions of dollars and thousands of hours training soldiers to be calm, efficient, and to think critically through the mental stress and rigors of being in life and death situations. They are trained to assess and process information extremely fast without hesitation to ensure they are in fact mentally processing the situation and responding accordingly. These soldiers are repeatedly subject to the mental rigors of battle and the chaos that surrounds a situation where people react in an erratic fight or flight situation where there could be “friendlies” involved.

     There is no substitute for the training our men and women of the Armed Forces go through to enable them to respond to those types of situations and I don’t care how many video games you played or what level you are on. The ability to react in high stress high adrenaline situations is not something you can acquire overnight or by watching a movie.

     One more point, just because you have taken lessons at a shooting range and maybe practice every once in a while doesn’t mean anything. That is done in a controlled, safe and supervised environment at your own pace. You are not a highly trained navy seal who has countless hours preparing for stressful, life and death decision making situations.

     If you are a firearm carrying citizen and feel that you have the ability to resolve a mass shooter situation by discharging your firearm, I would ask you to reconsider. The chances of you injuring or killing innocent people are probably greater than that of the shooter himself or herself. There may be people running away. People in the line of your fire, not the shooters. There may be people hiding who will get hit by either shrapnel or errant rounds because you could not control your adrenaline, lost focus and started to fire erratically.

     Almost every time an active shooter has been disarmed or thwarted it’s always been someone having the courage to put themselves in danger, not innocent people.


     We cannot solve these issues with more guns and I can tell you without a doubt fewer guns won’t work either. The reason neither will work is because guns are not the cause of the problem. They are the result of a problem. We need to have the tough debate as to what is really going on and how to fix it. Dodging the uncomfortable conversations and jumping to the easy answer won’t solve anything. Until we take a step and address the real issues, trust me I have no idea what they are, we will continue to have major problems in society regardless of guns. People will just find something else to use to commit these acts of violence.

     If you are a concerned about being in an mass shooting situation, the best way to defend yourself is to be aware of your surroundings. Instead of standing around staring at the person with big boobs next to you, know where the exits are to remove yourself quickly if a mass shooting situation arises. Pay attention to what’s going with people around you. None of this will guarantee survival in a life and death situation but it will up your chances and that’s better than nothing and its better than someone killing innocent people because they thought they could handle discharging a firearm in a public setting.

     This is not an argument against the right to bear arms or the right of citizens in a free society to own whatever gun they want. Rather this is a common sense approach to what is real and what is fantasy. We don’t live in the Wild West anymore and we don’t need a return of Wyatt Earp and his posse. I fear untrained people recklessly discharging a firearm in public more than I fear a mass shooting. I don’t know about anyone reading this, but if I was in that situation and was able to run away and got shot in the back by some idiot thinking they are going to save everyone, I’d be pissed.

     I wanted this to be a philosophical thought. I have my personal opinions as to what can be done and I purposely choose not to share them. I believe any change to what our founders created, due to mass shootings, will ultimately lead to adverse consequences and will make the situation worse not better. People in a Republic do have the power to enact change that does not require more violence or breaking any laws. People- not a person. I’ll let anyone reading figure out what that means to them.

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