Lucifer Me This (Believing what you hear)

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     This post has nothing to do with a religious debate, rather I want to call to attention the fact that people in general tend to believe what they hear instead of figuring it out for themselves. We should not be so quick to judge anyone or anything until we take the timed to study and understand it ourselves instead of believing what you hear.

     Over the years I would ask people questions because I was curious as to what they would say and to prove a point. I came up with this question because I heard someone talking about another religion and this person was stating that most of the people in that particular religion could not read so they were susceptible to someone being able to tell them just about anything.

     One day I was contemplating their take on the other religion and it got me curious as to people who can read, would they also believe anything? So I started to ask people, if you were to draw me a picture of Lucifer what would he look like? I already knew what their answer would be, mainly because I know most people don’t actually know what Lucifer looks like.

     As I suspected people would look at me strange, like maybe I was an idiot, and didn’t know what Lucifer looked like. They probably thought I was setting them up in a way, which I was, but the question on the surface seems so obvious and since no one ever wants to be wrong or seem like they don’t know something they were very eager to describe Lucifer to me.

     Every single time, every person I would ask would always describe to me a beast, red, had horns was ugly. Just about anything horrible and hideous you can think of. The list of the horrendous descriptions literally had no end, people could go on and on about the way Lucifer looked. Now, to their surprise I was the one looking at them strange and confused, because I would always say with a look of dismay “are you sure”.

     Of course they informed me they were correct. I would look at them curiously and ask them what the Good Book states Lucifer looks like. They of course would say the exact same thing. They would assure me they were indeed well read and knew exactly what Lucifer looked like. They would explain to me how they were well versed in this or that, it seemed like they had more qualifications than most scholars.

     Then I would proceed to tell them they were wrong and they had obviously not read anything. I only wish you could see their face when they found out that what they described to me was in fact wrong. I told them I don’t know who or what they were describing but it wasn’t Lucifer.

     The description of Lucifer in the Good Book, and almost all interpretations, is that Lucifer is beautiful, intelligent and extremely knowledgeable. I’m not talking about his betrayal. Rather, I’m talking about what he looks like. I’m talking about what the book says he looks like, not contemporary television. He is referred to as the “morning star” and “son of the dawn”.

     First the name Lucifer is synonymous with light. He in fact has been referred to as the light bearer. If you were to ignore literal reference and use only figurative, we can see that light can be a reference to knowledge. Meaning he is in fact the bringer of knowledge and quite possibly beauty. I am only stating what it says taken right from the book itself. There is a single description that refers to Lucifer as having horns, being ugly or any other hideous thing you can think of. All of the scary depictions of Lucifer come from either an artist interpretation or contemporary media, not from the actual description. This is a prime example of someone believing what you hear.

THE DEVIANT VIEW on Lucifer and Believing what you hear

     I prefer to never discuss religion. Mainly because I think everyone has a right to their beliefs and it isn’t my job to question them. This is also not a tribute to Lucifer or in defense of him. I only mention Lucifer because he is easy to pick on because of the descriptions of him don’t actually match what he really looks like. Whether he is good or bad I don’t care, it has nothing to do with me.

     This is also not a debate as to whether people actually know the true ideology behind what they claim to believe, again I don’t care. People can believe whatever they want for whatever reason suits them. Whatever makes someone happy in this life is good for them as far as I’m concerned. I am merely point out that most people are prone to believing what you hear.

     The point I’m trying to make in a long drawn out fashion is we shouldn’t be so easily persuaded to think we know more than we do. As a matter of fact almost everything we think we know if we would question at some point, we would most definitely find out all is not what it seems.

     Since I prefer to write philosophy, my story of Lucifer is a cautionary tale. I’m just pointing out that just because you see a picture or a movie doesn’t make what you are seeing true. The story of Lucifer in the grand scheme of things doesn’t mean anything. Honestly who cares what he looks like? However, what else are you believing what you hear to be true that isn’t? Enlightenment doesn’t come from believing others and their interpretations; it comes from figuring it out on your own.

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