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     I don’t usually post more than twice a week mainly because I don’t know how many philosophical ideas I have in me. However, this idea of learning truth kind of hit me and it was really related to another idea. I also hope it gives you a little insight into how I think about things.

     This article is not about Lucifer, just the continuation of a thought related to what I wrote about in the Lucifer Me This post. I wasn’t going to get into what I am about to post, but as an afterthought on my previous post I thought I should expand on that idea with another take on something to further illustrate my point, like truth.

     Many years ago I was involved in child support and custody. I know what you are thinking I’m going to go on a thousand word rant of the things that are wrong with child support. From my ex being a money grabbing psychopath to how unfair the system treats men. I’m sure that’s true for some and to each their own. To tell the truth, I don’t particularly care about any of that as for me it was a long time ago and means nothing to me at the moment.

     When I wrote the post about Lucifer and what is actually written about how he looks, I remembered something. I recalled an experience I had a while back, even if something is written, that also doesn’t make it true, learning truth becomes more important. Strange thing to say, so even if you can read, it doesn’t mean what you are reading is true.

     My story, when I was in child support, whenever they would do the numbers and all that stuff, there was always this strange 30% they said was included in the figure. The 30% was a dollar amount attributed to the amount of time you spent with the kids. Meaning for the 30% of the time you spent with your kids you did not receive any “monetary” deduction for it. This is because the calculations they were using already considered it in their equation. I don’t know if I explain it the best way but that’s the best I can do in a short paragraph.

     I don’t know why but for some reason that really struck me as being strange. They already had an answer for me to basically get nothing. I always thought how in the world do I get nothing when I have to feed them, house them, transport them when I had them. By the way, if you were “paying” back then you actually got no consideration “monetarily” unless you had had your kids 50% of the time at which point they would give you 20% deduction in payment. I only mention that to show the 30% deduction in payment is already included for non-custodial parenting time.

     So I would get the figure I had to pay and all that, and I never really cared about paying they were my kids, I loved them and they were my responsibility so it wasn’t a big deal to me. However, the explanation of the 30% for some reason to me didn’t seem right. Since I don’t believe a goddamn thing anyone says to me, even if they show me in writing, I decided to figure out for myself. If you guessed that I went on an investigative journey of my own, then you are correct.

     To keep this really simple, what I discovered, by learning truth, is the 30% is not included like they kept telling me. I could get into all the sordid details of how I discovered the 30% was in fact not included as a monetary reduction in the final figure like they had said, but I don’t think it’s relevant here. Suffice to say it took me a few months and a lot of digging and reading laws and government statistics but in the end my theory was correct and I was able to prove it. By the way, if you are curious if I proved this to the judge, I did and it didn’t change anything.

     I know what you are thinking I’m crazy and made this up. Believe it or not about two years after I made my case in court, at the next committee meeting on the guidelines, they updated the guidelines. They did not include all the 30% reduction but some of it. Maybe I was only partly right; I guess I’ll never know. The important thing is I was learning truth and fighting for what I thought was right.

The Deviant View on Learning Truth

     I did all of this over ten years ago now, so I may be a little fuzzy on the details but I think I got the gist of it correct. This was not meant to be a dissertation on child support or bash the system, if you can do a little math you can probably figure out some things on your own.

     I only mention this because even if you can read something that also doesn’t make it true. I just wanted to call to attention that all is not always as it seems. That just because something is written in a fashion that makes it appear official doesn’t automatically make it the truth.

     It’s a strange thing to write considering you may be reading this wondering if I’m telling the truth and I guess you will just have to figure it out for yourself, if you are as curious or a deviant little prick like I was.

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Deviously yours, King Deviant

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