A New Years Deviant Revolution

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     I have never really been one to make a New Years resolution because I have found throughout my life I don’t keep them. I’m surely not perfect and I have my shortcomings, depending on who you ask, but at the end of the day I think I’m doing alright. Not to mention, I don’t really enjoy making some sort of promise to myself that deep down I know I don’t really care to keep, it kind of depresses me. I also don’t know what January 1st is going to bring. If I’m being honest I may never get to my New Years resolution because something else has priority and I just don’t have the time to focus on whatever it is I conjured up on December 31st if I remember what is was at all.

     You probably think I’m going to write about fighting the man or rising up to fight for or against something I either believe in or don’t. Maybe you think I’m going to use this blog to take action, push the poison of my words on unsuspecting people to further my own agenda against the evil in the world. Well, sad to say that’s not what I’m talking about.

     The great thing about the English language is just about every word has more than one meaning. If you were to look up the word revolution the other meaning for revolution is to revolve. I’m sure those of you reading this already knew that, but the way I phrased it made it look like it meant something else. The type of New Years Revolution I am talking about is going back to the beginning, meaning I’ll start this New Year the exact same way I started the last. Much like revolving always brings you back around to the beginning, I will be going back to what I did last January 1st giving it all another try.

     My New Years Revolution is simple. I will continue to go to work to support my family because not only do I love them it just so happens I also enjoy providing opportunities for them. I will continue to drive to and participate in my children’s activities because I really enjoy being part of their journey and supporting them. I will continue to mow my lawn and do all the manly things around house because for some reason they are considered manly and that makes me feel good. I’ll continue to write on the blog because my mind gets really cluttered with all the things I think about and I need to get it out of my head. Maybe I should have got a diary to save the innocent people from my nonsense, but this is more interesting. I will continue to drive my wife crazy with my ideas and relentlessly using her as a sounding board until I figure out what it is I want to say.

     Lastly, I don’t really keep track of how people view or read my foolish thoughts, however, for those that do and enjoy it, I will continue to try and come up with things of some philosophical importance to write about and hopefully I don’t make anyone dumber for reading. I often have a lot to say, but how much is worth saying I don’t know. I usually just try and write about the things I think about that appear to me to be somewhat interesting.

     I believe in the idea of new beginnings, but there is something to be said for staying the course and accepting it. If you are doing a good job why change, as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. At the very least your revolution will be complete at the end of the next year and you would have had successful year of “revolutions” complete.

The Deviant View on New Years

     I personally don’t think we have to make resolutions on December 31st to change our lives for January 1st. Change doesn’t happen overnight and it normally doesn’t happen unless there is some sort of catalyst for it to happen.

     I guess what I’m saying is why don’t we resolve to get better at the things we are good at and not try to change so many of the things we struggle with. Why doesn’t anyone ever say, I’m going to continue to go to work and pay my bills. That would be perfectly acceptable.

     Maybe I will start my own call for action to change A New Year’s Resolution to a New Years Revolution.

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