Deviants count the Sheeple to aid in sleep

January 30, 2016 0

    Problems with sleep today seem to be pretty common. I think mostly because people have way too much on their mind and the stress of constantly trying to keep up with everything keeps people awake […]

“Alien anal sex, for probing is ridiculous”

January 18, 2016 0

    I was wondering the other day when the primary reason for knowing you were abducted by an alien was getting alien anal sex by a probe. There are always two criteria to being abducted; one […]

The Problem with Work-Based Societies

January 17, 2016 0

By The Objectioneer (First Guest Post)     When a working individual encounters a non-working individual, especially if that other person is perceived to be reaping the benefits of welfare systems, the first thought that likely emerges […]

Organic Gardening: Dig What You Eat

January 13, 2016 0

     The amount of food borne illness occurring from purchasing contaminated foods today is in my opinion staggering. It seems every week there is some sort of food borne illness outbreak happening somewhere or someplace. I […]

Imagine a Republic as a Quilt – United Nation

January 4, 2016 0

     A while back I wrote something on laws and morality and I was a little frustrated when I wrote it. I wanted expand on that idea a little bit to further explain what I was […]

Power to the Person – Laughter is Good

January 1, 2016 0

     Laughter is good. Starting the New Year I was undecided what to do on this blog, I have found it to be a place where I can put my thoughts and forget about them, and […]