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     A while back I wrote something on laws and morality and I was a little frustrated when I wrote it. I wanted expand on that idea a little bit to further explain what I was writing about originally in a way that was a little more in line with my style now. I also wanted to provide an understanding of how ingenious our founders were in their approach to setting up a Republic, a United Nation and to explain why I think what they did should not be altered for anyone single agenda.

     In my opinion, what I find to be the most interesting part of our founders vision on the concept of a United Nation is they really worked off of two basic principles. The first principle being, the very simple idea that everyone is entitled to happiness in their own life regardless of their particular belief system or lifestyle choice.

     The second idea, and this is where I think they did something particularly unique, is balance. They sought to create balance within the federal government itself so no particular entity within the government had too much influence over another entity in the government. They wanted balance between the federal level of the government and the states. They also sought balance within the Republic itself, between the people in the republic and between the people and the government.

     If you were tasked with creating a system that could support not only creating balance between all the different layers and functions of government, balance between the federal and state levels of government, balance between the different people in a republic, balance between the people and the government and took into account everyone’s happiness in that immensely complex system, GOOD LUCK because I don’t know that it could replicated.

     The best way I can describe what they did is if you were to look at a quilt, the quilt itself is made of different panels. The panels themselves can be different types of fabrics, different textures, certainly can be different colors, the possibilities can be endless. However, all of the “differences” come together to form a beautiful quilt. Each panel is a small part of the overall construction, and each one has a small but integral part in the overall completion of the quilt.

     The “paneling” itself cannot hold the quilt together. There is also something else on the quilt and that is the stitching. The stitching provides a dual purpose, one is to hold the panels together. The other is to keep the individual ideas of the panels separated as to not impede on the other panels unique ideas.

     If you were to take the idea of a quilt and apply it to our republic, the panels represent all the types of people, belief systems, ideas, etc and the stitching is the government and laws that not only separate and protect the people but also hold it together to form a beautiful society.

     Now this is where what our founders did in my opinion becomes mind blowing, somehow they figured out how to use a “law” not to oppress a person’s rights but to enable and protect them. I don’t know about you, but the mere thought of that makes my brain hurt. I have often wondered how in the Hell could a bunch of dudes come up with that. They actually created balance and a way to protect everyone from each other.

The Deviant View on a United Nation

     The only reason I write this is because I want to point out that just because we don’t know exactly why our founders wrote the constitution the way they did, we should pay attention to the fact that any change to their original concept would in fact upset the concept of balance they worked to create. If the balance is upset it wouldn’t take long for everyone’s happiness to be in jeopardy.

     We should absolutely respect what they created as a United Nation and not seek to change one of the greatest written documents of mortal men. We should instead, figure out a way to work within the balance they created to keep the rights intact they created for everyone.

     Now consider this, the balance exists when everyone’s right to happiness is respected, the happiness exists when the balance is there to keep everything in check. One cannot exist with the other. You need both sides of the equation to get to the answer.

     I’ll end with this thought. In a Republic, you do not change the laws because you don’t like what they say or you feel your way is better. In a Republic the only law that can be created is a law that respects both ideas equally.

By King Deviant
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