Fundraising: Deviants have Signs in the Yard that Read ‘No Solicitation for Kids Activities or Sports’

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    We used to live in a time when you would dodge the door to door magazine subscription seller or the overzealous unwanted religious fanatic. As a follow up on the idea of children’s sports and activities, I must take issue with all the fundraising that goes on. Every time I turn around someone is begging for fundraising money for their children’s activities. I am not against a little fundraising but today it has gotten to a point where it is completely out of hand. I work to support my family; I can’t support everyone else’s family too.

     When I go to the store, there are a line of people outside all begging for fundraising money to help pay for their kids’ sports. They need uniforms, court time, coaching fees and even equipment. Do these people realize I go to the store to purchase necessities for my family? Groceries today are expensive and my wife and I take a list and try to stay on a budget. I don’t factor in bringing an extra $100 to give away before I even walk in the store. I feel like I’m walking a gauntlet trying not to be accosted by someone begging for fundraising money. I have heard so many people complaining about the homeless who beg for money, since when did it become the thing to do for the people who aren’t homeless?

     When I’m at work my co-workers go around fundraising and soliciting everyone they know to assist in raising their kids and supporting their family. Do they realize I come to work to support my family? I can’t even imagine what goes through someone’s mind to think it’s okay to ask me for money in a place I don’t want to be so I can pay my bills. What makes people think I want to spend my hard earned money on their kids?

     I used to be able to tell what time of the year it was based on the kid that would come to the door selling whatever crap for fundraising he or she could make a buck on. Now it’s not just that kid, but every kid from the seven surrounding neighborhoods and it seems like it happens a few times a week. I even witnessed one guy with his six kids going door to door selling something for god knows what, I chased him and his kids off my property before they even had the chance to harass me.

     My kids played sports, but I always paid for it. I paid for it because they are my children and my responsibility. My wife and I always felt it was our job to properly budget our money to include the children’s needs. That’s what a Deviant does, takes responsibility for themselves, not place their obligations on someone else.

     I don’t know what each person’s situation is and I never wanted to put anyone in a situation where it was donate to me or buy food. I never wanted anyone to feel bad for not having the ability to pay for my kids to participate in some ridiculous activity that in the end meant nothing. I couldn’t even bring myself to go beg my retired neighbors or my children’s grandparents to give me their social security so my kid could do something. It just never seemed like a good thing to do.

     Why is it so expensive for these kids to play sports like soccer and baseball anyway? All you need is some grass, white paint and a few parent volunteers and you are good to go. What’s with the million dollar turf fields? When did grass go out of style? Do we really have to invest a million dollars for a field; I don’t see how that makes children better athletes. Hard work and commitment make kids excel at sports not turf.

The Deviant View on Youth Fundraising

     I am not opposed to children’s sports and activities. However, once all of that goes out the window and we have a bunch of parents outside a store fighting for space with the Salvation Army volunteers we need to take a step back and reconsider what it is we are doing. It has gotten so bad that I am honestly going to put in the suggestion box of every store to create a zone where these people can stand. I go to the store to buy groceries and I go to work to support my family not donate every last dollar I have. I am also tired of being harassed on my own property with all this nonsense.

     It is not the responsibility of a Deviant to support what your child wants to do. If you want your child to participate in an activity then you pay for it. It is not my responsibility to donate money so your child can travel around the country to attend fancy tournaments when I can’t take my family on vacation. It’s also not my responsibility to pay for your child’s hundred dollar dance outfit when my own kids need clothes.

     We clearly live in a time where we all have to make less go further, and that includes the cost of children’s activities. If you cannot afford to pay for your kid’s activates, then your child either shouldn’t be participating or they need to participate in something that costs less money.

     I only have so much money. I can’t possibly support every kid and all of their 12 activities at the same time. Why in the hell do parents sign their kids up for all this stuff and expect other people to pay for what they want their kid to do? When did that become the “thing” to do?

     It’s has gotten so bad I used to chase away the religious people now I’m putting signs in my yard that read “NO CHILD SPORTS or ACTIVITY SOLICITATION”.

     I have decided as a way to help my fellow Deviants when they are out and about that I’m going to make a tee shirt that reads “NO SOLICITAION FOR KIDS SPORTS OR ACTIVITIES; however I will accept donations to enhance my personal lifestyle.” Hopefully I can get them done soon and have them available for sale.

By King Deviant
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