Don’t stock up on toilet paper or become a prepper before a snow storm, beer absolutely

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    Since there is massive snow storm sweeping across the north east and the usual state of paranoia and panic is gripping the common man and or woman, I thought why not pen a little post about what Deviant action is before and during the storm, becoming a prepper isn’t one of them. I have no idea why right before a snow storm people run out and empty store shelves with what I would consider non-essential items. If they didn’t require he items before the storm I don’t know why they matter during a storm.

    I have often wondered what the deal is with toilet paper. I don’t know about anyone reading this post but one thing I don’t let get down to bare minimum is toilet paper. I don’t need a severe snow storm to know that getting low on the toilet paper is a bad idea. There can always be an emergency whereas you need it. Letting it get down to a level that places the threat level at DEFOCN 2 in case of an emergency seems a little frightening to me, storm or no storm.

    Let’s consider the stomach virus? The stomach virus can also be a pretty serious storm. A storm that a weather person cannot predict in advance. You still won’t be able to get to the store to buy toilet paper, more than likely you won’t be able to get off the toilet to go anywhere. I’ve had the stomach virus and let me be honest and say that it strikes without warning and can be very unpleasant.

    I have personally lived through some pretty bad snow falls, and I don’t ever remember being stuck for more than 24 hours. I’m not saying there aren’t places or people that may have to endure a few days because of where they live, but I’ll assume the people that live in those areas already know what they have to do and are prepared regardless.

    If you live in any type of metropolitan location that is accustomed to snow, those areas usually have the advanced techniques for moving and dealing with large amounts of snow readily available. Typically no matter how much there is they can get it removed to a point where you can go out in a reasonably safe manner to pick up what you need within a reasonable amount of time. Becoming a prepper before the snow storm will probably be a wast of time and money.

    Remember snow isn’t a hurricane, tornado or flooding, there can be issues with power depending on the snow and the weight of it, all of which I am fully aware. But that is something people cannot control, some things you just have to roll with. I’m talking about the few items people rush out and pick up in bulk for what I think is a few hours tops. If you weren’t planning on going to the store for a few days or week, I don’t know why anyone would go to the store in a state of paranoia to pick up things they don’t need any way.

    If you don’t have things like a generator to keep your heat on, why buy 12 gallons of milk. When the lights go out it will all go bad anyway? I don’t see the point. Now if you have little ones that require say diapers, go get those. You sure as hell don’t want a baby that you can’t change the diaper after the bomb went off in its pants. If you have never had the pleasure of experiencing that, you don’t want to for any longer than you have to. Diapers are definitely worth having more than enough of at any given time much like toilet paper for the same reasons.

The Deviant View on becoming a prepper before a snow storm

    It’s not a bad idea to make sure you can last a few days during a snow storm with needed essentials, however if you are running out to buy toilet paper because you don’t have enough to last 24 hours you may want to rethink your shopping habits. I recommend when a snow storm blows in you go out and buy yourself a case of beer or two. A good prepper should always have an ample supply of beer.

    We live in a time where we are always running everywhere with little down time for ourselves. What’s the point of not having to go anywhere when you can actually get drunk and not have to drive. I think a massive snow storm is nature’s way of telling Deviants it’s time to sit back relax and have a good time for once. Mother Nature is saying, hey Deviant, you have been working too hard lately take a few days off on me and wind down a little.

    Deviants hope for the big one as often as possible, Deviants know this is a great time to get back to basics. It doesn’t matter what your age is, go outside and do a little sled riding if you can. Write your name in the snow, build snow forts and get into a snow ball battle. This is the Deviant time to come out and play. Life is way too serious, take the time to enjoy the moments when it isn’t because there aren’t many times in life where you have a legitimate excuse to stay home and have fun. There you go, become a prepper of fun.

    Toilet paper is certainly an important part of making sure your family has what it needs, but so is relaxing. Let’s take the paranoia down a notch and consider all the things we can do while we don’t have to go anywhere. Besides getting really drunk and not going anywhere, you can spend quality time actually talking to your kids and spouse.

By King Deviant
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