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    There seems to be a serious problem with people who think its okay to go around sick, spreading germs and not stay home. We pass disease and viruses around now like the presents we give out at Christmas. The rate at which illness spreads today is astounding and it is due to the fact that people do not stay home, rather they take their sickness to everyone else whether other people want it or not.

    A few years back I had a co-worker show up at work that was pretty sick. The person even sat there telling everyone how sick they were. This particular person sat about 5 feet away in the cube across from me. This person was coughing and sneezing all over everything. You want to talk about spreading germs? I have no idea why this person decided to come to work but believe me it didn’t take but a few days before the entire floor started to get sick. Including myself and of course I got my family sick.

    After this incident happened, I ran into my company’s CIO at the time in an elevator and requested that he put a rule in effect that if you are sick you stay home. If you show up sick, anyone who gets sick as a result and has to take time off for the health and safety of their co-workers their PTO will be taken out of your PTO. Needless to say he didn’t do anything but laugh, really more of a nervous laugh. I don’t think he thought I was serious, but the point is nothing came out of it, because I don’t think companies take this issue seriously enough. I realize companies are concerned about production and numbers and all that, however, imagine how much production is lost when one person who doesn’t take time off gets half the company sick.

    This also goes for people who send their kids to daycare or school sick, as well. They might not want to take time off to live up to their responsibilities and take care of their children, but that’s too damn bad. They are your kids and your responsibility, not everyone else’s. When you send your children to daycare or school while they are sick, do you care how many families you can be affecting? What about all those responsible people who are going to lose their PTO to take care of their children, not to mention the cost to take the kids to the doctor.

    I have also seen this happen in public places like the grocery store. I literally saw some hag coughing her head off not 5 feet from my 2 year old and never covered her mouth. It’s disgusting, how can you as a person have such little respect for a baby? This person obviously didn’t care about all the people that were going to lose money and time off work, not to mention how dangerous it is to pass around those illnesses to people who may have a impaired immune system, especially a small child who doesn’t have the immune system in place yet to deal with whatever sickness the hag had.

    I realize that people don’t want to give up their time and money, but what about all the people affected because the infected don’t have any respect for others? I also realize we live in a time where people for some reason think the world revolves around them and they are too busy to take time off because they are too important, but consider the people affected who actually do something important.

    When you look at things like door knobs, elevators and mass transit vehicles where people are stacked in like cattle or unknowingly touching someone’s virus on communal items the chances of spreading something goes up exponentially. I don’t know about anyone reading this but I have been on a bus and an elevator with people coughing to death and let me be the first to say it’s disgusting and it becomes even worse when grown adults don’t know to cover their mouth. It’s usually the person that never shuts up by the way, as if by covering their mouth it might silence whatever stupid opinion they have for 2 seconds. I don’t know how the sick person doesn’t just want to crawl back into whatever hole they came out of, they have to know what a degenerate they are. Maybe they don’t and that’s the bigger problem.

The Deviant View on Spreading Germs

    In today’s world we all need to start being a little more considerate of other people, specifically, when it comes to being sick and spreading germs. No one wants your filthy germs so why do people feel the need to give them away? If you want to give me a surprise, give me your money, because I’m going to need it when I lose days at work and have to “cough” up my co-pays at the doctor for me and everyone in my family because of 1 person who is an inconsiderate degenerate.

    Maybe you think the entire world won’t function if you aren’t at work, but I guess it’s my job to say your company and co-workers will be just fine. Stop passing around your filth, stay home and keep your sick kids home and stop spreading germs!. NOBODY WANTS YOUR SICKNESS.

By King Deviant
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