Crumbling Infrastructure: How a Deviant would solve the problem

King Deviant's Guide to Solving Problems the Deviant Way

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    Since I am a problem solver, I decided to start a new series on this blog, “KING DEVIANT’S GUIDE TO SOLVING PROBLEMS THE DEVIANT WAY”. I will start with the crumbling infrastructure. This series will just be some of my possible solutions to solving a few issues in contemporary society. I can assure you my ideas on problem solving are not the typical way most would solve a problem. The reason for that is I am Deviant, and I solve problems, I don’t care if I don’t like the answer, if it solves the problem and maybe a few others at the same time, then it’s a win- win for everyone. The cost of doing nothing will be far greater than actually doing something.

    The infrastructure in America has been rapidly deteriorating over the last 25 years or so. This is an issue that no one can seem to come up with a solution to, until now. The infrastructure is in dire straits and in serious need of updating to bring us into the current century. The costs associated with infrastructure can be enormous and that’s probably why the government hasn’t come up with a plan to deal with it yet.

    When I started to consider the problem of infrastructure, I thought about all the issues that affect upgrading it. Those issues can be, there are people living in the area and either using the infrastructure or in the case of utilities, located on top of where you would need to dig. There is also the issue of cost, the amount of manpower, machinery and materials can be staggering to complete the work. The longer we wait to tackle this issue the worse it will be, because more people need to use those services and more people wind up moving on top of where the work needs to be done. Let’s be honest, no one wants to be inconvenienced, because after all a lot of the infrastructure falls into the category of out of sight out of mind. Especially if it’s working.

    One obvious answer that came to mind for me to deal with this issue is America is really good at blowing up cities. America is not only really good at blowing them up we are really good at spending our hard earned tax payer dollars at rebuilding the cities we destroy. I’m not criticizing here, I am complimenting. Every county should excel at something and it just so happens, the USA is awesome at blowing shit up. Besides, what’s more “shovel ready” than a several square mile city laying in rubble?

    So how does that skill translate into solving the crumbling infrastructure you may be wondering? It’s simple, we need to move people out of cities and blow them up to rebuild them. You may be asking what about people that won’t leave? The answer is imminent domain of course, if we can use it to build big box stores all over the place where people don’t want them we can certainly use it to blow shit up.

    Since I believe you should solve “multiple” problems at once, check this out. Not only are we going to fix our crumbling infrastructure, we are going to put people back to work to rebuild. We can get our military personnel back to work who are returning from service, as they are already trained to rebuild infrastructure. Giving our men and women of the military the opportunities they have earned should be priority number one. That solves the problem of getting our vets back to work.

    The companies that are reliant on the war machine to make money will be happy because the Defense Department will be buying their bombs to use on the “blowing shit up part”. So, all of those big companies and conglomerates share holders will be seeing record profits which in turn is good for the American stock market and the people invested in it for retirement.

    We will provide real world live fire training to our military fighter pilots. There is no better training for the military than live action. Just imagine the experience gained to put our fighters in a position where they will be better trained to blow up other countries shit next time that country doesn’t do what we want.

    We will by default jump start the Green Energy companies, because hopefully we will make the cities green efficient for the next century and new generation. No guarantee there probably depends more who stands to make the most money on this opportunity, not on what’s best for the country.

    I’m sure there will be some bombs that either go off course or someone didn’t put the right bomb on the plane to be used. Therefore we will have all the lawyers getting back to work suing everyone, and the Health Care industry will be thrilled at all the new patients filing their hospitals.

    The media conglomerates will have a new reality TV series they can milk for all its worth to placate the vicariously driven American public. Which of course will drive junk food and beer sales to record highs as everyone sits around and watches the explosions and clean up.

    The banks will be pumped and jump at the opportunity to create new loans and creative financing to make tons of money, there will be hedge funds started and probably sub-prime loans created to finance all of this. Just think of the money the rich can make out of thin air on this endeavor.

    We will be using American tax dollars to rebuild our own cities instead of some other random misbehaving countries city. Keeping the American dollars here for us is a big win for America. It provides us the ability to keep the bloated entitlement programs going.

The Deviant View on the Crumbling Infrastructure

    That’s how you solve a problem the Deviant. Get outside the little conformity cage and blow shit up.

    Oh yeah, the middle class will be on the hook for all of the cost of doing this because the cost overruns will be huge and since it will be government run expect there to be a ton of waste and no one will be accountable so we are FUCKED no matter what, but at least this might be exciting to watch which is a small win.

    The only two real problems solved are the crumbling infrastructure and getting our dedicated men and women of the military back to work, the rest is bullshit.

By King Deviant
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