Deviants count the Sheeple to aid in sleep

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    Problems with sleep today seem to be pretty common. I think mostly because people have way too much on their mind and the stress of constantly trying to keep up with everything keeps people awake at night. Their minds just can’t get a break from trying to figure everything out. The sheeple desire to constantly try and stay on top of everything and barely get through the next day is a weight that most people can’t seem to shake before they go to bed.

    If you consider yourself Deviant, you understand how to let your mind rest. The way you let your mind rest is don’t get yourself into situations where you have to think too hard. A Deviant life shouldn’t be that complicated. You do your best to make decisions that you can manage and do not put yourself in any situation that cannot be mitigated easily or without being overly dependent on someone else’s involvement.

    I’m not talking about things out of your control, life always has it curve balls and at some point you have to take life as shit happens. I’m talking about decisions that you would purposely make that would put either yourself or your family in a precarious situation, where there are too many variables that you cannot possibly control.

    Deviants strive to not put themselves in a situation where someone else has too much control or influence over them, not just for livelihood but also for happiness and health. If you are stressed out and cannot let your mind settle down and sleep you are doing something wrong.

    I realize some people have medical reasons that can cause sleep issues and I’m not talking about them either. I’m talking about healthy people who through their own fault or ignorance make decisions that cause themselves undue stress that contributes to an overactive mind when they should be sleeping.

    If you cannot sleep, you will always be tired and probably miss out on the things in life that truly require your brain to be awake to enjoy. If you are sleep walking through the day you will never enjoy life and chances are will find yourself not only mentally unhealthy and unaware but physically unhealthy and worn out as well.

    People need to sleep, that’s when your body rejuvenates itself. It’s the body’s opportunity to renew itself and get ready for the next day. Rarely can a machine run 24 hours a day 7 days a week and not have a major breakdown. Your body isn’t made of metal so the chances of a major breakdown go up exponentially for the human body and mind.

    The body and mind require maintenance like everything else. The human body is a miraculous thing and luckily can do maintenance itself. But it does require rest in order to take certain processes offline, in order to refocus on fixing what it needs to. It does this all by itself and if there is one thing you don’t have to worry about is the body will do it, you just need to sleep and let your body work its magic. You have to give it the chance to make sure you stay healthy, physically and mentally. Counting the sheeple is a good way to ensure that health.

The Deviant View on counting the sheeple

    I can tell you I don’t have any issues sleeping, so much so that I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere, doesn’t matter if there are kids screaming or direct sunlight. I’m pretty sure I might even be able to sleep upside down if I had to. There aren’t many things that keep me awake at night. It’s not that I don’t care, I just don’t worry about what I can’t control, and the older I have gotten I have realized that is pretty much everything.

    Life isn’t perfect and Deviants have to understand that. There is always going to be times that something isn’t going your way. The answer to solving the problems will be presented easier if your mind and body is rested and can focus on the tasks at hand.

    Your body is a magical, wondrous machine that needs the time to perform self maintenance. It is critical to your health. Humans were not built to run constantly, we need rest. It is vital to the overall health of our body and mind.

    Deviants do their best to be true to themselves and make decisions based on that truth. Deviants always focus on what they can control and do not overly concern themselves with what they can’t.

    If a Deviant has a little restlessness at night, counting the sheeple will facilitate in sleeping. A Deviant finds peace in knowing all the people staying awake at night will cause them to miss opportunities which in turn will provide enormous opportunities for a Deviant, who will be awake and gladly take advantage of the sheeples’ oversights due to lack of sleep.

By King Deviant
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