Living in a box – Life is a series of nesting dolls

February 29, 2016 0

    The other day while I was driving to work, my commute being about an hour and twenty minutes, I was just looking around looking for what I call “opportunity for art”. That’s just my way […]

Neighbor’s Animals do not have rights on my property

February 27, 2016 0

Deviants Respect Animals     I wish I didn’t have to write posts like this, because to me it seems obvious. I respect all animals and I believe they should be treated with the dignity they deserve. […]

Rewards in Life for being a Deviant

February 24, 2016 0

    Most people, who know me, will tell you I am a little superstitious. I often have said I don’t fear anything in life accept karma. I believe the universe always seeks a balance, and that […]

Disciples of Change in the New World Disorder

February 22, 2016 0

Humans Have Always Gone Through Change     Throughout man’s time on this planet we have made many strides and many changes. We have gone through the Bronze Age, the Dark Ages, The Renaissance and the Industrial […]

Doing the same thing over and over is Stupidity

February 20, 2016 0

Why Would You Expect Different Results?     The other day as I was driving to work I started to think of a saying “doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity”. The […]

Sexting Accidentally? You are probably Deviant

February 15, 2016 0

Texting is Good for Deviants     I have to admit I’m not the best with technology, most of the time I find it to be confusing and never even work half the time. In this particular […]

Who really is going to Hell: Gays or Christians

February 13, 2016 0

The Debate on Damnation     I struggled with and had some anxiety over this post. The reason is, I often wonder why I would have to waste my time writing a post to explain simple logic […]

The Media – Don’t believe the Economic Reports

February 10, 2016 0

    I don’t typically write anything about the economy, mainly because, well, it’s boring and just like buttholes everyone has an opinion that usually full of crap. However I decided to write a post about it […]

Perception is the key to problem solving

February 8, 2016 0

    Today it appears that it is more difficult to solve problems than ever before. I attribute this to the fact we are conditioned in a way to 1. Blame everyone else and 2. Blame the […]

Deviants don’t throw their dog shit in the road

February 6, 2016 0

    When you think you have seen it all, someone comes along and gives you a brand new reason to be pissed off and loose all faith in humanity. The other day I was driving down […]