Personal Responsibility: Deal with life on the micro level

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    If you want to GoDeviant, the first step will always be to deal with life in the Micro Level. What that means is you will live your life on a personal level. You will look to solve the day to day problems of life by your own means and by personal responsibility. Looking to the Macro Level, or some might say Government, will get you nowhere. It is not the responsibility of anyone else to fix problems in your life and believe me you don’t want anyone else to do it.

    Once you start thinking everything in your life can be solved by someone else, you are no longer an independent, free willed person. Rather you will be confined to a life of conformity and obedience to a Master that I can assure you only sees you as a thing that either needs constant care or a thing to be used to take constant care of others. Neither will permit you to live a life of happiness and fulfillment.

    My parents always told me “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” I believe that is truer today than it has ever been in history. There is nothing more dangerous to any person than being helpless or dependent on someone or something else to take care of them or their family.

    Let me be clear, I’m not talking about relying on loved ones or family. I’m talking about a degenerate nation that exists that has its own agenda and helping you isn’t on it. I don’t care what the degenerates say or portray, if you can be used to get what they want and have it sold as doing you a favor, it will happen.

    If a Deviant wants healthy fruit and vegetables there is only one way to know what he or she is eating is healthy. That is to grow it yourself: you know what seed was used, you know what if any fertilizer was used and you know precisely how it was handled, who handled it and where it came from. That is the only way you can be 100% sure if the fruits and vegetables you are eating are truly in line with what type of food you want to eat.

    A while back I had tires changed on my car. One day I had a flat, I must have ran over a nail or something. When I removed the hub cap to take off the tire to put on the spare to my surprise three of the lug nuts and stems were missing. Meaning there was only two left holding the tire on. I didn’t drive this vehicle much, only about two miles, three times a week so the tire never presented any issue to me.

    Once my initial shock wore off that someone would be so careless to not replace a vital part of the tire system, it occurred to me that if I indeed wanted to have it done right, to ensure without a doubt that my family was safe, I had to do it myself. From that day on any of the routine maintenance that needed done on any of my cars, I was going to do it. Not only did I take the step to help myself, I also taught my older children how to help themselves too. My oldest daughter now can go out and change her own brakes in about an hour and doesn’t require help from anyone to do it.

    These are just a few examples of taking responsibility on the micro level to enable yourself to solve some daily issues. I have actually found it a gratifying experience as a man to impart some real life knowledge into my children. Knowledge that I hope will carry them a lifetime. Teaching them to be responsible for themselves and not rely on anyone or anything is in my opinion a valuable lesson. One by which I can assure you no school wants to teach. Believe me my children have made mistakes when they were working on their cars as an example, but that’s why they have me to go out and explain what was done wrong and how to correct it, after I gave them the opportunity to figure it out themselves.

The Deviant View on personal responsibility

    If anyone has read anything I have written, hopefully the point of personal responsibility and staying true to yourself comes across loud and clear. Having personal responsibility and being true to yourself requires you as a person to take action. You cannot be in control of your life if you rely on someone else or something else to either do something for you or believe someone else should be permitted to tell you what’s best for you.

    I believe there is an element in contemporary society that preaches and conditions that you are helpless and have to rely on someone or something else for everything. I can tell you that is the farthest from the truth you can live. If you need an example, look no further than our Founding Fathers who designed and built our Republic on the principle it is the sole responsibility of the people to solve their own problems and not look anywhere else other than personal responsibility.

    The reason I wrote this post is because it transitions into the bigger issues that plaque contemporary society, the major problems such as hunger, health, monetary policy and unemployment to name a few. None of these issues cannot be solved on a Macro level, meaning government. They have to be solved by people willing to take personal responsibility themselves to solve the problem that is affecting them.

    The first step in living a Deviant life is to change your perception of how you will live your life. I realize not everything can be solved on a Micro level but that is not an excuse to do nothing. There are certainly things in everyone’s life they can take upon themselves to correct and not wait for someone else to do something for them.

    Let the degenerates sit around and wait for someone to help them, if you are Deviant you will do it yourself and not place any FALSE HOPE in someone or something else.

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