Middle Class Problems We Can No Longer Afford to Care

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    What I am about to write will probably make me sound callous, uncaring or a racist. I DON’T CARE. There I said it. The Middle Class problems, we can no longer afford to pay is as they say the truth hurts and if the truth makes you all three of the previous adjectives then so be it. We live in a time where it would appear the new dirty word is HONESTY. Keeping in line with being Deviant this post is about change and personal responsibility.

    I watched a documentary not long ago about children in truly impoverished countries and their school systems. There were children as young as 6 and 8 years old walking hours across the African Safari, by the way before they left the father warned them to hide from the animals if they came across any, to get to a school that had no running water, no indoor plumbing and very little if anything in the way of teaching materials. Here is where it gets really mind blowing, that country is actually producing better outcomes in education than some parts of the US. Does that make sense to anyone? By the way they didn’t have middle class problems.

    Let’s see, it’s not about money because they don’t have any, it’s not about better facilities because they don’t have those, it certainly has nothing to do with any class of society. Unless of course, you consider the people-eating animals of the African Safari a class who is restricting children from getting an education. Let me see, oh I know, it has everything to do with the children wanting to learn, being disciplined to learn, the willingness to show up and learn and the parents being responsible to make sure their children actually learn. Huh, that is strange? It would appear all the problems we constantly hear about education are maybe not the real problems at all.

    I never wanted my blog to be place where I tell people how they should think or feel. I personally prefer to write philosophy, I prefer to instigate provocative thought, productive conversations and an outside the box approach to problem solving. However, it would appear that in order to provoke thought, you also have to explain to someone how to think. It appears to me the next natural resource that is being extinguished is thinking for oneself and by default taking some personal responsibility.

    First and foremost everyone knows money solves nothing as it relates to education. There is more money spent on the underserved and poor population in education today than ever before and it doesn’t fix anything. There have been numerous studies over the years and they all point to the same conclusion, money isn’t the answer because it’s not the problem.

    Secondly, the middle class today is being crushed. The middle class is not only on the hook to support every entitlement program the government can conceive, which by the way is seemingly endless, we are also on the hook to support corporate entitlement programs. LET ME SAY THIS, THERE IS NO MORE MONEY. The middle class today on average, if they are lucky, will pay more than 50% of their total income to some form of tax. How much more do people want?

    I get being poor and living in a sub standard school district probably sucks. But the contemporary rhetoric that school districts are segregated is an outright outrageous lie. You see segregation implies there are rules that restrict someone’s ability to choose what school district to live in based on race, religion or nationality. Huh, I don’t know of any rules in place that do that. You see you get to live in a school district based on your choice, CHOICE there is another dirty word. Since I choose to live in my school district and work hard to pay the taxes in my school district, somehow now I’m responsible for segregation? Interesting, here I thought this country was based on the idea that if you work hard and pay your taxes you have a right to live where you want and choose what life you would like for your family. Guess I was wrong. As a side note, I don’t recall my school district putting up a big wall that details who is allowed in and who isn’t, call me crazy but I’m pretty sure my district doesn’t care.

    See how that works, we live in a country where if you want to do better, you actually can all by yourself. I wanted my children to be in a good school district, so my wife and I decided that we have to take responsibility for ourselves and our family and do what was necessary to make that happen. HOLY SHIT there is a seemingly outdated idea, personal responsibility. WOW, WHO WOULD THINK YOU COULD ACTUALLY DO THAT? Middle Class problems today don’t involve personal responsibility.

    The hard working tax-paying people of the middle class are not the villains, they are the saviors. If it wasn’t for the hard working people of the middle class there would be no programs at all to assist those in need. I have every right to work hard and choose where I want to live and NO ONE IS GOING TO TELL ME I DON’T CARE. BY WORKING HARD AND PAYING MY TAXES IT PROVES I CARE ABOUT MY COUNTRY AND THOSE IN NEED.

    This country was founded on the principle that people should and want to help themselves. Redistricting of school lines, ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? How about you work hard, and move into a better district? There is another dirty phrase, WORKING HARD. Competition is a great thing for our society; it is what makes our country great. The absolute reckless and unabashed taking from one class to continuously give to another class IS NOT the path to a truly equal society. The only equality that provides is indentured servitude for all.

The Deviant View on Middle Class Problems

    Let me be 100% clear, I don’t not want any child to be in situation where there isn’t proper education or facilities to educate. It’s not that I don’t care. I literally cannot afford to care anymore. I am tired of hearing what everyone is entitled to, what is a middle class family entitled to BECAUSE THEY WORK FOR IT? The reality is the middle class problems do not afford them the ability to fund everyone else anymore.

    Do my children get a better shot at life? Are they entitled to a better future? As far as I’m concerned, the only people in this country entitled to anything are the ones who earned it and take responsibility for themselves and their families. I will not listen anymore to this nonsense that I, my family or the middle class is somehow a villain or un-caring because we choose to work hard, pay our taxes and be productive, CARING members of society and by default live in a better school district because we EARNED it. Dirty word alert EARNED.. It’s sad to say but the middle class problems are now becoming everyone’s problem.

    The middle class has no more money to give, it’s not he middle class doesn’t care. The real answer is they cannot afford to care anymore!!! GET IT!!! If anyone has a problem with how tax money collected from the hard working people of the middle class is spent as it relates to education, take it up with the people who are spending it and stop blaming the middle class, better yet do something to help yourself and your community and stop complaining its someone else’s fault. There I said it.

By King Deviant
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