Deviants don’t throw their dog shit in the road

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    When you think you have seen it all, someone comes along and gives you a brand new reason to be pissed off and loose all faith in humanity. The other day I was driving down a busy road minding my own business. I look out the window is there is some jackass loser standing about 5 feet from the road, using a shovel to throw his dog shit all over the road, even hitting the passing cars. Now here is where it gets even better, this low life degenerate, clear waste of a life is not even looking where he is whipping his dog shit at. He was literally just standing there recklessly throwing shit all over the place.

    This person obviously wasn’t lazy, he was outside doing something. This guy just didn’t care that the dog shit belonged to him, not to every unsuspecting driver running it over it to take it to their house. What a fucking scumbag, he doesn’t want the shit at his house but it’s okay for everyone else to deal with it. The truly sad part is, it was a beautiful day and people had their car windows down. I don’t know about anyone reading this but if that shit would have came in my window; it would have turned into a really bad day for a degenerate.

    Then it occurred to me, this degenerate is a parable for how we live today. We throw our shit around for everyone else to deal with and never take responsibility for ourselves. That way of life has become a mainstay for most people today. Their responsibilities and the issues they create become a big pile of shit that for some unknown reason they think everyone else should have to deal with. Even to the point where degenerates drown unsuspecting hardworking, decent Deviants in degenerate excrement.

    The other day I wrote about solicitation for children’s sports, the burden of entitlement programs, educational equality in schools just about anything somebody can dream up because it’s always someone else’s problem to clean up the mess created by some idiot. The list never ends. No wonder why so many people are pissed today, every time you turn around you have to deal with everyone’s shit they just can’t pick up, put in a bag and throw it out.

    I’m not the type of person who doesn’t want to help someone in need, but come on, keep your unwanted garbage to yourself. I’m tired of hearing and to some extent being forced to deal with everything that has nothing to do with me. Issues that are just as easily dealt with by the degenerate and never even gets to a point where I have to hear it or worse pay for it.

    Honestly, after I witnessed this filth throwing his crap, I mentioned to my friend where do you go? How do you even begin to explain and change attitudes so a degenerate behaves in a way that’s responsible and makes life bearable for those around them. When you are that far down the rabbit hole that behaving in way which goes against just basic decency and some sense of personal responsibility is all but lost, I just don’t what you can do. I do know what you can do, I just won’t mention here. As I have said I solve problems.


The Deviant View on discarding dog shit

    Let me be clear, I like being clear because I don’t like any confusion, I DON’T WANT ANY DEGENERATE LOSER SHIT or anyone ELSE’s for that matter. If you are a degenerate dumbass you keep it. I have an idea, how about you pick your shit up, put it in a bag, stick it on your head and choke on it and leave everyone else alone. When I get home I don’t want to choke of the smell of your dog shit all over my car, it’s your shit you choke on it.

    Deviants do not put their shit out for everyone else to deal with. If you are Deviant you deal with your own shit and inform others to keep their shit to themselves. Trust me if a degenerate can’t do something as simple as cleaning their own yard, there isn’t a damn thing you are going to do except be stuck cleaning their yard for life.

    I would challenge anyone to tell someone you know, HEY KEEP YOUR SHIT TO YOURSELF, I don t need or want it. It is funny how they will look at you. Trust me you will hear all the things wrong with you, like you are uncaring, callous or ignorant. Sure you will, that is the go to of the degenerate to guilt a good, honest Deviant into picking up degenerate shit.

    I’m not suggesting that you not ask for assistance or advice to deal with a situation. What I’m saying is a Deviant does not place their shit on unsuspecting people so they don’t have to deal with it.

King Deviant
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