Perception is the key to problem solving

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    Today it appears that it is more difficult to solve problems than ever before. I attribute this to the fact we are conditioned in a way to 1. Blame everyone else and 2. Blame the result of a problem not the problem itself. I don’t know why this happened or maybe it’s just easier to do the former and not really ever deal with anything. We need a change of perception.

Distorted Perception

    To illustrate my point I’ll provide 2 different examples of really simple things that to some degree the problem isn’t being dealt with. The first involves my screen door. The area I live in has a lot of wind. Whenever someone doesn’t hang onto the door when the wind comes whipping by, the door slams open and stretches the screws that are holding in the door’s pneumatic closer, until eventually the screws come out and the closer won’t work. I have fixed it multiple times and it is currently not working again. Now it’s just taped to the door so that is doesn’t bang around but isn’t connected.

    My wife had asked when I was going to fix it and my answer was I can’t fix it. I explained to her the problem isn’t the screen door closer, the problem is people let it continuously slam open until it breaks. There is no sense in me putting it back together for the fourth time until that stops happening. I wasn’t trying to be a smart ass, it was the truth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the door or closer. The solution to the problem is paying attention to the door and not letting it continuously slam open until it is broke again.

    The second involves when I was involved in my child custody many years ago. I went through the court process and hearings. If I’m being fair I was a bit of an asshole the entire time. I really wanted to prove that I was smarter than everyone, and honestly I was, but I found out that not everyone appreciated it as much as I did. Mainly, the judge making the decisions. At the conclusion of the hearing and subsequent custody order, I have to say I found out exactly how much the judge didn’t appreciate my shenanigans. I found myself with a pretty restrictive order and he had made references to doing so because I gave him personally a hard time, which is crap, he essentially limited how much I could see my kids not because I was a bad father, rather I hurt his feelings.

    Anyway, after reading the court order I’ll never forget I went home and told my wife that I was the problem. I did not blame my kids, my ex-wife, the lawyers, the law or the judge. I said to my wife that if I wanted to have custody of my children then the only one to change would have to be me and I was the problem. Long story short I did and my kids were living with me inside 6 months. Point is, you have to be able to identify the problem if you want to solve it, even if you are the problem. By the way, that entire story is 100% true.

    These are two very simple non-consequential issues that quite honesty, have no meaning in the grand scheme of things. However, I truly believe it speaks to the large overall issues in society where people cannot accurately identify and articulate properly what the problem is and even if they could, they have no idea how to begin the process of solving it.

Don’t Let Your Perception Create Problems for You

    Mostly, what I have seen is people inventing problems that don’t exist and complain about issues that aren’t relevant because they simply cannot deal with the problem, or to some degree the truth. We have come to live in an illusionary world of self inflicted issues that for some bizarre reason become the problem of everyone else.

    The ability to solve problems seems like a lost skill. I have personally witnessed over my professional career where someone not only didn’t solve a problem they literally created 15 more in the process because they just didn’t understand what was going on and instead of deferring to someone that did they felt it was a better idea to make life harder for everyone.

The Deviant View – Perception

    If I had all the answers I would give them to anyone who wanted them. I certainly don’t know how you can accurately explain to someone how to solve problems. It honestly seems like it depends on the person. I think perception plays a huge part in problem solving as well. It really does boil down to what it is you as a person choose to see. I’m smart enough to know that perception is reality, which in turn leads to someone’s ability to solve a problem.

    There are very few traits a person can actually change about themselves, if you truly want change, you have to be able to change your perception. Giving yourself the gift of getting outside whatever cage of conformity you live in to change how you view life will provide you the ability to solve the problems themselves not the result of a problem or worse yet waste your entire life by hoping someone else will do it for you.

    I truly believe that almost any issue that relates to a person and their journey as well as most problems in contemporary society can be solved easily by a change in perception. If you allow someone else to define what the problem is, true or not, and then let them provide a solution you will almost certainly not live a life of fulfillment and happiness.

    Also be wise enough to understand some problems cannot be solved to a certain degree of satisfaction. As in my example of the screen door, there probably won’t be a resolution until my kids move out. Some problems you just have to wait out for the answer.

By King Deviant
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