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    I don’t typically write anything about the economy, mainly because, well, it’s boring and just like buttholes everyone has an opinion that usually full of crap. However I decided to write a post about it given the volatile nature of the markets recently and there seems to be an awful lot of debate going on in the media and even my peers. It’s certainly a hot topic and heavily debated as a being relevant.

The Truth about the Economy

    Let me start by saying, I am not an economist, I am what someone could describe as a logical thinking realist. First and foremost, the only thing I truly understand about the stock market is the fact it goes up and it goes down depending on nothing but a guess. It’s kind of like the laws of gravity, what goes up must come down.

    Another thing I am keenly aware of is most companies have made their jack in the last few years by the free, easy money policy of the fed driving stock buy backs and acquisitions. If you do a little reading and base a reasonable decision on observation you would have no doubt concluded companies have also been trimming staff and raising prices to make their nut. I also have no doubt most use questionable accounting practices to make the bottom line look just a little bit better.

    Finally companies have in general been charging more for their products and services and they have generally paid less wages to their employees keeping wage growth virtually stagnant for employees. How long can you charge more for products and services and pay less for the work that creates the products and services before that doesn’t work?

    If you were to take a moment to understand the overall economy and its health, you could quickly dismiss the lies of the media as trying to mislead the citizens. A prime example of this is saying the unemployment rate is at 4.9%. I’m not going to get into all the ins and outs of how they calculate that number. What I want to do is talk common sense. If the true unemployment rate was in fact at 4.9% then how in the hell is the food stamp participation rate at 15%. With a little common sense one could easily conclude there is something amiss and not even have to know anything about the economy.

    Lastly, numbers are just numbers and they are subject to who is interpreting them and what narrative they want to push. As an example, if you were to look at how the inflation index was calculated say 60 years ago and how it is calculated today in a side by side comparison you would undoubtedly notice that today there is a bunch of numbers not accounted for anymore. That’s why you may notice everything cost more and more at the store and the talking heads say there isn’t inflation. The easiest and fastest way to keep inflation in check is just to remove a number and recalculate. Magically there is little to no inflation.

    To explain inflation a little bit, generally as you devalue currency and print money out of thin air it drives inflation, because money isn’t worth as much. This is a pretty broad statement, but given how we run our economy to some extent it’s true. Simple idea, so how in the world if this basic tenant that has been proven time and time again through multiple fiat based societies not affected the inflation according to the numbers being presented? Again the answer is simple; remove numbers out of the calculation, if the media reported inflation running at say 10% and real wages declining at say at rate of 15% annually well you can imagine what would happen. (I made those numbers up for illustrated purposes only). The career politicians would have a much harder time explaining it to everyone in order to keep their jobs.

    Furthermore, it doesn’t take an economic genius or a crystal ball to figure out that if you continuously take from those contributing to taxes and paying for the resources they use to those who use not only the resources for free but also are given money to spend that was created out of this air, that it won’t end well. If you require proof just look what happened to Greece and Cyprus.

The Deviant View – The Media Distorts the Economic Truth

    I didn’t write this to scare anyone or make a prediction on the state of the economy. Honestly, the situation we are currently in isn’t the first time this has happened. All good things must come to an end. I just want to point out that most of what is written is just complete nonsense. I certainly don’t have any idea of what would or could happen, however, my personal opinion is if there are “powers that be” working behind the scenes they have society right where they want it. If I had the upper hand I sure as hell wouldn’t give it up. So don’t believe everything you hear from the media, instead draw your own informed conclusions.

    You have to be aware of what’s going on and do your best for you and your family. Trust me you aren’t going to do anything to stop whatever is in motion and its not even remotely worth a minute of your time worrying. Focus on taking care of your own house and family and everything will more than likely turn out just fine. Humans have always faced catastrophe and we always come up swinging. Humans are just awesome that way or maybe it’s just Deviants are awesome that way.

By King Deviant
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