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The Debate on Damnation

    I struggled with and had some anxiety over this post. The reason is, I often wonder why I would have to waste my time writing a post to explain simple logic and minding your own business and how they correlate together. I presented the draft of this argument to Herfanciness, The Objectioneer, and a friend of mine who is gay for guidance and they felt it was indeed a valid argument about going to Hell and should be posted.

    I find it frustrating at times to be the bearer of bad news and quite possibly challenge people that I really don’t care about. However, if a certain segment of society wants to call out another specific segment of society, well, far be it from me not to take that on. After all, I do enjoy a hearty debate especially one that I can make someone choke on. Too bad it’s so easy, as I would prefer a fair fight.

Christian v. Gay

    The other day I came across a post on another blog that essentially stated all the problems we have in contemporary society can be traced back to the LGBT community. I often hear that rhetoric from people in the media that for some reason think their opinion matters. What’s worse is people actually listen to these idiots like what they are saying even resembles some truth. Here is what I find interesting, the particular gentleman writing the blog claims to care about this country, care about freedom and is a religious man. All of that is clearly untrue and he, my Deviants, is a liar using fear mongering to make money off the sheep who know no better.

    After reading the post and listening to some idiot talk, I decided to meditate on the issue to come up with a fair and genuine argument that would also prove what inconsequential fools these people are. I hope that anyone who believes these morons may take a step back and reflect on themselves and stop blaming someone else for their won degenerate behavior. This is the argument that I came up with I hope either you believe it or at the very least take a look at yourself first.

    After reading the post by which the person who was “very” religious wrote the LGBT community was to blame I decided to dig into that issue. The first place I looked was the Christians’ 10 Commandments. Being that I was raised Catholic, I am very familiar with the rules and they seemed the obvious place to start. Primarily 2 reasons because they are not subject to much interpretation and second they are the tenants of the religion. If you knowingly and willingly violate any of the 10 commandments without repenting and correction you will go to HELL. I believe all Christians can agree with that. They are what they are, so to speak. What I noticed about the 10 commandments is there is nothing in the 10 laws that makes any reference to homosexuality. However, as I was reviewing them I did notice something very interesting about them. Drum roll Please…..

  • Commandment 2 states “Thou shalt not have any God before me”.

    Interesting because today one could easily argue most “Good Christians” actually worship money not God. If anybody wants to debate it, for the vast majority out there, you would lose.

  • Commandment 3 states “ Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord they God in vain”.

    Yeah, you all get that one. Lots of violation there.

  • Commandment 4 states “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy”.

    I guess I must inform you that if you, let’s say, work on a Sunday for your go nowhere job, look at a little porn, go shopping or take your spoiled brat to a sporting event on Sunday, you are in fact in violation of this commandment.

  • Commandment 5 states “Honor thy mother and father”.

    Let’s see, if your parents were frugal and saved money but you are the type of person who lives outside their means and spends recklessly, or if your parents were private people but you put your business all over the internet.. yep Going to hell.

  • Commandment 9 states “ Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor”.

    Another good one, let’s say you spread a little gossip around work to try and get ahead in your pathetic job, or even better talk to your kid’s sporting coach about how your kid is better than another kid on the team who plays more and your kid should be playing instead.. Yep you guessed it going to hell.

  • Commandment 10 is actually the best one Ill just leave it at “thou shalt not covet thy neighbors…”

    Let me see, oh I know the contemporary term “keeping up with the joneses” comes to mind. If you in any way shape or form try and live a life of materialism behavior, trying to one up or live in a way that uses debt to create a life that either makes you better or equal to your neighbor. GUESS WHAT? HELL IS WHERE YOU ARE GOING. (By the way, I think one can argue that keeping up with the joneses and the entitlement system is really what got our country in the mess we are in, not the LGBT community due to the reckless amount of debt that cannot be repaid)

  • The Deviant Conclusion

        How interesting, most people are easily in continuous ignorant violation of at least 6 of the sure fire ways to go to Hell, but yet continue to insist that someone who is not in violation is going to hell. Let me remind you, most of the Bible is written in a form of prose. Those specific 10 rules are not. If you find yourself in only 40% compliance, with a little math you can figure out you are indeed failing the word of God.

        To further illustrate my point, I also reviewed the 7 deadly sins, again I could find no reference to homosexuality; however I did find a multitude of sins that are being violated everyday by many Christians that for some reason they don’t think the rules apply to them. Apparently they think a rule that does not exist applies to certain people and every rule that would put you as a Christian in hell is not applicable. Strange or is it me?

        So if you’re proud, horny, fat, greedy, lazy, angry, or jealous or all of the above, which isn’t a stretch, you are going to hell. You would be better off being gay, at least then you wouldn’t go to hell.

        Those are the rules and I didn’t make them up. Why anyone feels like they have the right to make up the rules to serve them and blame others that I cannot speak to.

    The Deviant View – Who is Going to Hell

        Let me be clear, I am not against Christianity or for LGBT. The entire point of this post is to drive the point home, that everyone needs to worry about their own house and person and do not worry about anyone else as it isn’t your concern. God has already said it is not for you to judge, so don’t. Why you would think that God would make an exception of your clear and ignorant violation of his rules, but wouldn’t for someone who technically is not in any violation of the tenants I have no idea. I don’t know about anyone reading but I wouldn’t bet my salvation, or going to Hell, on it.

        By the way, as a side note, I am well aware of the references in the Bible that come from Leviticus, not a single Christian on the planet adheres to Leviticus so don’t even think of quoting it to me.

    By King Deviant
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