Sexting Accidentally? You are probably Deviant

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Texting is Good for Deviants

    I have to admit I’m not the best with technology, most of the time I find it to be confusing and never even work half the time. In this particular case it actually worked flawlessly to my dismay. I do like texting because it keeps everything short and to the point. I’m not really a person that enjoys all the pleasantries that lead into a conversation, like how’s the kids or random talk about the weather. If it’s one thing I fear is asking someone how they are doing then find myself listening to a 45 minute dissertation on everything wrong in their life. If I’m being honest, I just don’t care about people’s families or the weather to which I have no control over. I have enough problems of my own, I sure as hell don’t want to listen someone else’s.

    So, I do tend to text a lot. Let me preface this post with most of my acquaintances are used to the things I say so it’s usually not a big deal. They know how I talk and are pretty used to my vulgar way of speaking. Occasionally, I may text someone that I don’t have my “out of the box” conversations with. I also don’t always pay to attention to what the auto-texting sends out as I for some reason just never cared that much. I’m usually multi-tasking and distracted by whatever else is going on in that moment so I’m not paying as much attention as I should be.

The Deviant Tale

    Here is my story and it’s actually true. A friend of mine who is a real estate agent was down one day because I’m guessing she wasn’t selling or showing homes or something. With some people I might only be 40% paying attention; I usually lose interest after about 5 minutes if someone isn’t saying something I’m actually interested in or it’s a conversation that I actually want to talk about. Ill admit that I do lack empathy so the conversation with this person I just dismissed as whining. Anyway, I wanted to be somewhat supportive as is someone I refer to as a friend, maybe she caught me in a moment of weakness or I was hoping she would shut up if I said something positive. What I thought I typed was “you can go show a thousand places that’s how awesome you are”. Again I didn’t actually read what was sent as I admitted earlier I wasn’t really paying attention; I just wanted to send something that resembled a sense of being supportive.

    After a while I didn’t receive a text back, not that I need instant acceptance of message received, but we were in the middle of a conversation so I decided to see if the text actually sent. Sometimes depending on where I am in my building reception might not be available. So, I went into my texts to see what happened and immediately I realized what I had done. I actually sent the following sexting text “you can go blow a thousand penises that’s what a whore you are”.

    Most people might be mortified by that, but if you are a Deviant little prick like me you would probably react the same way I did. I actually started laughing because I thought it was really funny considering what I actually wanted to say. I even took the time to write it down because you can’t possibly make this up. Then I did stop laughing because I realized that in this particular person’s time of need instead of offering words of encouragement I instead called her a dirty whore through sexting. If she were an amateur porn star trying out for the big leagues it would have been appropriate but this was not the case here. I was secretly wishing she was an amateur porn star, because that would have been really awesome words of encouragement to the right person. How often could you say something like that and have it taken in a positive way?

    I must admit that it really didn’t bother me as I was laughing and showing all the people I know how funny it was. To smooth things over I just sent a text to explain that wasn’t intended for her and it was the stupid auto- sexting that did it and I wasn’t paying attention. The sad part is, the reason it didn’t bother me is it gave me a really funny story to write about and I’ll take my creativity where I can get it.

The Deviant View – Deviants Sexting Accidentally

    I don’t really have much to say here as this story is a cautionary tale. If anyone is like me and enjoys good, honest and open conversation with those who are familiar with you, be careful of sending texts (or accident sexting) to those who may not be as familiar with how you prefer to converse.

    Secondly, beware of the auto- sexting because it may just come up with words that you certainly don’t want sent to a person in polite conversation or maybe in a bit of a funk and needs some words of encouragement not called a dirty whore.

    For those of you that might be wondering why in the world those words would come up automatically give how the auto text chooses words based on what you type most frequently. Well, I am King Deviant and I always try to say the craziest, most bizarre things to anyone that will listen or engage me in my reindeer games.

    Most of the conversations I have with close acquaintances if heard by the average sheeple would probably frighten them. I typically say what’s on my mind without any regard to a filter and the person’s I engage in those conversations with are usually more than willing to play along and honestly it’s a lot of fun and very refreshing. There is nothing better than having the ability to say what you are thinking and have someone is doesn’t get offended but actually joins in.

By King Deviant
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