Beggars should get Squares for the Obama Phone

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    I was walking through the city the other day on my way to work. I usually get asked for money 4 or 5 times by beggars on my short 3 block walk from where I park. Now remember I am going to WORK to pay the bills for my family and taxes for everyone out there on entitlement programs that don’t work. I just want to remind everyone of what I am going to do at work. It’s not because I like or enjoy it. It’s to pay for my family and to be a productive, contributing member of our great society.

The Revelation

    Anyway, as I’m strolling along a beggar came up to me and asked for a quarter and my initial thought was no. I mentioned to the person that I haven’t seen a quarter in a year. I, like the vast majority of people, rarely have cash on hand. I thought to myself, how hard it must be for beggars to panhandle in a society that no longer uses cash.

    After I got to work, it dawned on me that moving to a cashless system really will hurt those beggars for money, to purchase cigarettes and liquor, the most. If people aren’t carrying cash anymore how in the world can beggars make a buck? Seems like a really logical question to me. I decided this was a worthy issue for a Deviant to solve, so here it is.

    Since I am a problem solver, I decided this was in fact a solvable issue. I care about all people and try and find simple solutions to complex problems. Begging in the future is in my opinion in danger and under attack by the establishment. Their very way of life is being threatened just like the steel mill jobs during the 80’s. If nothing is done and no one offers a solution, the beggar, pan handling career will fall by the wayside like so many livelihoods before it.

What Will the Beggars Do?

    It seems odd to me that a government that is so concerned with those in need would change to a cashless system without considering those people who rely on donated cash as a way to make a living. There are all these people out there that cannot get 10 cents from anyone anymore. Now the government has to rectify this oversight somehow because after all, people have a right to bother everyone else for money. Given our 2 party political system hasn’t done a bang up job this last 8 years they will need a new gimmick in order to get themselves re-elected.

    I’m not going to ruin the humor of this post by getting any deeper into a long drawn out, no win politically charged debate. Just take this for the humor it is and leave it at that.

Deviants Solving Problems

    I noticed this particular person who was begging had a cell phone. So I mentioned to them that maybe they should get a Square for their cell phone so when they are begging they can accept debit and credit cards from those dumb enough to give money to someone who has a more expensive phone than they do.

    Then I realized I could solve kill 2 birds with the proverbial rock. I could solve problem for the career politicians who need re-elected and keep the pan-handling lifestyle well into the future with technology. (By the way if any politicians want to hire me for my outside the box problem solving skills I work for beer) They need to give out squares for cell phones and have the hard working taxpaying citizens of the middle class pay for the fees, that way those with the Obama phone can keep all the money.

The Deviant View – Beggars Needs Squares for Obama Phones

    Honestly, I’m truly surprised no one has thought of this yet. After all, is the government not concerned about these jobs? They aren’t going to Mexico because of NAFTA, these jobs are being eradicated through technology. What are the career politicians in our government who love the entitlement hand out system so much going to do? But then again the government has never been a place where people actually consider the problems of the future, come up with a reasonable solution, let alone actually do something about it.

    Obviously, this entire post is tongue and cheek. I don’t want to get down on those in need, nor do I want to pick on the politicians. I just took this as an opportunity for a little humor and to poke fun at the crazy system of entitlements today. I also saw this as an opportunity to display my problem solving skills and how with a slight change in perception that just about any problem can be solved in a way that is amicable to most parties involved. Notice I said most, someone in a complex problem that involves several players is going to lose. The idea is to limit how much they lose.

    If anyone reading this has a better idea of how to solve this issue I would be happy to listen to it.

By King Deviant
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