Doing the same thing over and over is Stupidity

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Why Would You Expect Different Results?

    The other day as I was driving to work I started to think of a saying “doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity”. The reason I was thinking about it was because, don’t we all pretty much do the same thing every day we don’t like or enjoy in the hopes that someday it will provide some happiness or lead to some sort of answer or accomplishment even though we know that it won’t? I started to consider is it the expectations of what doing the same thing over and over will provide to us, not the routine itself? And if the expectation is that it will lead to something better even when we don’t enjoy doing what we are doing, does that technically make us all crazy? Or is that how hope and faith work?

    Recently, I have found myself in conversations with people who do not like going to work for whatever reason. They are not finding any form of satisfaction or happiness in the “job” and often I hear from these people there has to be a better way than this. So, if we consider that someone is going to work, doing the same thing every day, they don’t enjoy, hoping that either they will someday enjoy it or at the very least provide some sort of different outcome from what they have experienced up until now, is that person insane, stupid or hopeful or are they all the same thing?

    To some extent we do the same thing every day whether it’s at work or life in general, thinking at some point the daily grind will pay off even though we don’t enjoy doing whatever that action is. Is this why as humans we don’t change all that much, because doing the same thing is comforting? Do we find peace in the insanity of doing things the same way over and over no matter how miserable and unfulfilling it is? By better life, I’m not talking about more money, we can all agree that money doesn’t offer any real happiness or satisfaction, it may provide a peace of mind for security purpose or it can lead to more paranoia for fear of losing it. Could this be the reason so many people in our country are on medicine for mental health related issues? Are we all insane? Did I just solve the mental health crisis in America by considering a silly statement?

Not Insanity but Stupidity

    What I realized is doing the same thing over and over is not insanity its stupidity. If we were to believe its insanity, people who are insane, literally have no way of changing their behavior. They have somehow lost the ability to control how they think and for whatever reason can no longer make decisions based on reality or logic. In essence they have lost the ability to change. I don’t believe for one moment the vast majority of people cannot change a behavior they continuously engage in but don’t enjoy. Anyone can, you just have to acknowledge there is a way to change. The change may not be easy or what you think, but there is hope and change is possible.

    Now I’m not calling people stupid, as in a lack of intelligence. I’m saying that by doing the same thing every day, for 20 yrs that you don’t find personally fulfilling, will magically produce some different result is stupidity and stupidity is what I feel offers hope. Because being stupid means we can change, the ability is there. If you can accept you are not crazy, insane or have mental health issues and accept that you need a perception adjustment you can change. We don’t have to do anything every day we don’t enjoy just hoping at some point it will produce a different outcome.

The Deviant View – Stupidity

    I would like to think we can have a better life than what is either presented to us or forced upon us. What that is, who knows as I have said to each their own. We all possess the opt-out clause where by we don’t have to just to keep doing something we don’t enjoy hoping that at some point we will.

    Humans in general do not change without some outside catalyst to force us to change. That’s probably why we technically do the same thing over and over again. There is no reason not to, and we certainly don’t view ourselves as being insane for doing it.

    If we were to look at our own lives and take responsibility for ourselves and not look at a routine of doing the same thing over and over as a way out of whatever box we live choose to live, and live life based on what we really find fulfillment in, I think then we can replace the stupidity with fulfillment and everyone can begin on a path of personal enlightenment.

By King Deviant
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