Disciples of Change in the New World Disorder

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Humans Have Always Gone Through Change

    Throughout man’s time on this planet we have made many strides and many changes. We have gone through the Bronze Age, the Dark Ages, The Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution to name a few. The only constant theme in mans history is we change. Sometimes it’s for the good and sometimes not so good. I believe it’s an integral part of the natural cycle that all societies go through in an effort to grow and evolve.

    Possibly, for those of your reading this, you have heard the saying “Times change, people don’t”. I think to some degree that’s true. Usually as it relates to we still need to eat, breathe, drink and procreate. The basic functions of being human haven’t changed all that much from the time we were conceived.

People are Looking for Change Once Again

    I think now, based on conversations with friends and family, humans in general are looking for change. Why it’s happening now I don’t know. It’s just something I hear people say, “there has got to be more to being alive than this”. I believe the answer lies in change. Without a serious change in perception the answer to that question will never be realized. Deviants change for themselves and their families so their journey on this planet is enjoyable and fulfilling.

    I don’t often think about issues the same way most do. I tend to find my own thoughts and go with that. I decided to write this post because when people ask my advice, the advice is not what you would typically expect. I think all the rules and regulations and political correctness is non-sense. Trust me when I say that if the answer to a problem didn’t work yesterday or last week it probably won’t work today or next year. At some point you have to change your perception.

    I occasionally write about politics and religion but more in an inward looking philosophical way because I feel people have a right to believe what they want and it’s not my job to change that. I don’t care what anyone believes so long as their beliefs don’t hurt anyone else. I try to point out the flaws in perception that divide us, while drawing conclusions that unite us. I believe we have many more things that unite us, we just typically fight over the few divisions.

    I also believe we will have to evolve past the point of constant judgment and trying to force our views on everyone who doesn’t agree with us. I have spent pretty much my entire life in what some would call alternative lifestyles and some of them might even be considered taboo to most. My point is this, humans should be permitted to live the way they want, provided they aren’t hurting anyone else. Some people feel the need to impose on everyone else likes it’s their job. My take is this, mind your own business and live the way you want to live. If there are people around you who feel the same that’s great, if someone around you doesn’t, who cares. We all are here for the party and when it’s over its over.

    Lastly, we all need to find our place in this world and we aren’t all the same. Trying to make all humans conform to one set of rules is ridiculous. The new world needs to have room for everyone to be free to be who they are and live the way they want. The only compromise that is necessary is that we should respect other people and respect their right to live the way they want.

THE DEVIANT VIEW – Disciples of Change in the New World Disorder

    Humans aren’t perfect and we don’t conform very well. Our intellect is such that we all have a desire to experience and live life the way we personally see fit. We should not be so quick to judge people who don’t believe or follow the same set of morals as we feel is the best. Just because you were conditioned to live a certain way by someone’s set of values doesn’t make it the right or best way. Maybe there is something more to you or your abilities that can be found by keeping an open mind and having a desire to see what you can accomplish without so many restrictions.

    Life is short, in the new world disorder let’s do our part to allow the human race to evolve and prosper in an environment that is judgment free. Let’s take responsibility for ourselves and how we can be a part of the overall great society known as humanity and not be so selfish to think our personal opinions are the only ones worth living for.

    Deviants will lead this charge. If you are Deviant you lead by example. You are the one who will show others how living the way you want and not judging others is the way to go. Trust me when someone sees you’re happy, thriving and smiling all the time, they will want to know the “secret”. The truth is there is no secret. A Deviant alters their perception of reality for them, they live honestly and purposely for their own desires and needs. There isn’t anything to be ashamed of. If truth be told you will be met with more jealously than judgment. The vast majority of people I have come into contact with have an overwhelming desire to live differently than they are, they just don’t have the balls to do it for fear of the ones in their particular life judging them.

    If you are Deviant, lead the way so others may follow.

By King Deviant
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