Rewards in Life for being a Deviant

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    Most people, who know me, will tell you I am a little superstitious. I often have said I don’t fear anything in life accept karma. I believe the universe always seeks a balance, and that balance is a system of rewards in life and punishments. That’s why in nature there is always a balance between species and to some extent viruses and cures. It’s always there whether we as humans know or understand where or what the answer is but that is another post.

    I personally try and do my best and make the best decisions I can with the information I have. I don’t seek answers I like, rather I seek answers that solve problems whether I like the answer or not. I always try and respect people and not be overly judgmental. I try and be honest and provide the best information I can for the person I am talking to. I always try and own up to my mistakes and do something to correct them if I can.

A Deviant’s Unexpected Reward

    You may be wondering why I’m writing this today, well I’m getting to it. Yesterday I was driving to work, the same way I have done thousands of times before. I always take the same route and honestly it usually is always the same.

    I pulled off the expressway I always do and came to the same stop light I always do. For some reason I pulled up a little further than normal. Honestly, I never did it before, not because I’m some awesome driver. It has more to do with how the intersection is setup. Anyway, I was up a little further normal and I could not easily see my light.

    This particular light has 3 different ramps converging into a two lanes to drive into the city. I personally always like to wait a second or tow to make sure cars are stopped at a red light before going through. The other 2 ramps are very difficult to see if the cars are stopped when the light turns red. As most of you know for some reason city lights seem really irrelevant to drivers and you have to be 100% sure some jackass actually stopped at a red light before going through the light if you don’t want to get killed.

    Since I know the order of the lights, I could tell the light from the ramp beside me turned red and my light would turn green next. I could see the other cars in the fast lane of the ramp had stopped, however, I wanted to be sure my light did turn green just to be sure. So I took an extra 2-3 seconds to look up at an awkward position to make sure it was green. At this point maybe a good 10 seconds have passed before I started moving.

    As I started to move through the light to my surprise someone in a large truck, came barreling up the slow lane of the ramp next to me that I couldn’t see because there is a large divider there. As I pulled up through the light this person came through the intersecting light recklessly at probably 60 miles an hour without any regard for the safety of anyone in the intersection.

    The way the intersection is designed and how the lane merges the degenerate who recklessly blew that light would have come into my door doing 60 mph and without a doubt would have killed me. If I had not pulled up too far and needed an extra 2-3 seconds I would not be writing this post right now. As I said I had never pulled up that far before and trust me I didn’t think it was a big deal until after I realized that pulling up to far had in fact actually saved my life. Again, I cannot stress enough that I had never pulled up too far at that light before. This was clearly one of the biggest rewards in life.

The Deviant View – Rewards in Life for Being Deviant

    My point of this post is that, being the best person you can be and living a Deviant life may not provide huge rewards in life in amounts of money and success. However, being Deviant may afford you other rewards, like the opportunity for the universe to provide a second or two when you need them most and you don’t know it in order get to work safely and get home to your loved ones in order to give them a big hug and tell them you love them one more time.

    You might think I’m crazy saying something like this, but I honestly believe the universe knew that asshole was coming and the universe wasn’t going to let that degenerate interfere with me. The universe will do us all a favor at some point in the future and deal with him, however, it did not let him harm me. I was afforded the seconds I needed to keep going on my journey as a reward.

    The rewards in life for doing the right thing are not always obvious, we tend to associate rewards with money and job titles and honestly that is the farthest thing from reality. We should always be thankful for the extra seconds the universe affords us so that we may enjoy countless years of happiness and fulfillment with the ones we love and share this precious journey called life with.

By King Deviant
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