Neighbor’s Animals do not have rights on my property

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Deviants Respect Animals

    I wish I didn’t have to write posts like this, because to me it seems obvious. I respect all animals and I believe they should be treated with the dignity they deserve. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in my life trying to find “organic” meat farms.  I really just wanted to deal with people who treated their animals with the respect they deserve, I understand they are being raised for food but that doesn’t mean the animal should be treated unfairly.

    Having said that, if there is one thing I will not tolerate is neighbor’s animals causing damage to my property or harass anyone in my family. It is not my responsibility to care for or look after someone else’s pet.  Between living with my parents and having my own house, I have cared for many dogs over the course of my years alive. Does anyone care to guess how many times through 10 dogs and 35 years one of them has gotten off my property without my knowledge? Once that I recall, do you know why my animals don’t get off my property? Because I go outside with my animal to ensure it is safe and does what it is supposed to do. BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT THE WELFARE OF THE ANIMAL!

Deviants are not responsible for Neighbor’s Animals

    I have heard the argument that it isn’t the animals fault; well take it up with the owner that didn’t take care of their animal properly. I recently had a case where neighbor’s animals got off a leash and caused considerable damage to my property.  Do you think that degenerate offered to repair the damage it caused?

    What’s even worse, am I supposed to go to court, pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to never get a dime of it to prove that person is a degenerate? They already know, so I can solve the problem easily by putting the animal down.

    I work hard to pay my bills and maintain a nice home for my family.  Not only do I pay the bills but I invest time and energy into my yard to make sure it looks nice. No one and nothing has the right to cause damage to my property.

    I also have seen too many times where neighbor’s animals have gotten off of leashes and seriously injured children or people. I’m not the type of person that is going to find out the hard way. Any animal that is running around unsupervised as far as I’m concerned is a threat and I will deal with it accordingly. To anyone that says the animal has rights, well it doesn’t. These overzealous animal people should talk to the families whose children were mauled and either killed or severely disfigured for life because of some degenerate’s animal.

    I now have a neighbor that will open the door, let their animals out and go back inside. I have even been outside where the neighbor’s animals has run onto my property started getting nasty to my small children, the neighbor actually witnessed it and ran into their house so they didn’t have to deal with it. My breaking point and the reason I am writing this post, is I actually caught my neighbors watching their dog pee on my garden where my children will pick food to eat. Does anyone understand how dangerous and careless that is?

    I had to inform him the next time his animal is on my property he will get it back in pieces. Let me be 100% clear, I have asked this loser neighbor of mine numerous times over the course of 2 years to keep my neighbor’s animals on his property. If you want to know what a piece of shit these people are, they actually have a dog run that ties into their back door and all they have to do is bend their fat asses over and put it on the dog, but they are too lazy and careless to even do that, which by the way would solve the problem. My point is, if they don’t care enough about that animal to keep it safe, and they don’t care about the safety of the people in the neighborhood and others property, then all bets are off.

    Any person in my opinion has a right to protect themselves, their property and their family from any threat. It is not okay to ruin someone’s property and then walk away like nothing happened.  That’s the problem today. People would have you believe that now an animal’s rights supersede your right to protect your property. That has turned into a reason for people not to take care of their animals and make right what their animal does.

The Deviant View – Animal Rights Do Not Extend to a Deviant’s Property

    If you own a pet and cannot take care of it properly that is the owner’s problem, not mine. If the animal in question becomes my problem I will deal with it and I don’t want to hear anything from anybody. If you care about your animals, then you do what is necessary to protect the animal and protect the lives and property of those around you.

    People today would have you believe that you are an abuser of animals if you protect your property and family. I say to those people, mind your own business. I have no desire to hurt an animal. It’s the last thing I want to do. However, because of the insane rhetoric today from a few overzealous idiots, people’s personal pets are becoming more and more dangerous because they are not cared for properly.

    If there is ever one animal left on the planet and that animal is putting myself, my family or my property in jeopardy, it will be extinct and I will not lose one bit of sleep over it. No animal on the planet has rights that supersede mine. Everyone has a right to protect their family and property from threats. My neighbor’s animals reckless behavior has caused thousands of dollars in damage to my property, who is going to pay for that? Will the animal lovers’ organizations pay for the damage the dog causes to my property because it isn’t the animals fault and the owner can’t pay up?  I doubt it.


By King Deviant
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