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    A while back I was at an event for one of my children with my wife. My wife is very healthy and is in very good shaped after having 2 children. There were 2 or 3 ladies sitting there in a lawn chair with their children. They were sitting in their lawn chairs eating fast food, where as my wife was playing with and chasing our youngest around. One of the ladies approached my wife and asked how she “looked” so good after 2 kids, me being me, I couldn’t help myself. I blurted out Anal Sex and a lot of it.

    I was more or less in the moment making fun of the complete scam and celebrity endorsed weight loss programs out there today. There isn’t an easy way to lose weight. If done correctly and appropriately losing weight requires a lifestyle change. There is no shortcut. If there was and anal sex was one of them I wonder how many people would be getting down?

Secrets to Weight Loss

    There are a few things I know when it comes to weight loss. One is that you have to be active; sedentary behavior will in no way shape or form lead to weight loss. You cannot burn unneeded junk from the body if you are sitting around and I don’t care how little your fat and calorie intake is on a given day. Just doesn’t work that way. I don’t believe for one moment you have to spend your life in a gym either. Just get up and do something. Chasing your kids around that aren’t participating in a sporting event is a good way. You will undoubtedly burn more calories and fat by just playing with your kids or having anal sex than any gym workout. Point is sitting on your ass won’t do it. I don’t know if taking it in the ass would be any better, but at least it’s something.

    Eating properly is another good way to lose weight. Fast foods, processed foods and consuming junk foods is not the way to lose weight. The old saying junk is stored in the trunk holds true. If you are more concerned with the convenience of these types of foods, you will never lose weight. Our bodies need nutrients, not the crap in these foods. Nature is a curious thing, I’ve said before that humans haven’t changed much since we rose up out of the dirt. As with all animals, historically when an animal goes in to the winter months and food becomes scarcer, animal bodies start storing fat to get through the lean months. If you continuously starve your body of the nutrients it needs it will, according to the rules of nature, start storing fat to get through the “hard” times. Again I don’t know if anal sex solves this problem, but it will certainly work off the junk in the trunk.

    Mindset is the last component. There is a lot to be said for proper mindset, the more positive you are, the happier you are, the chances of weight loss will go up exponentially. Afflictions such as anxiety and depression mess with the chemicals in our brain and cause our mind and body to be out of synch. Keeping a positive upbeat disposition will also aid in healthy weight loss. I don’t know if anal sex alone solves the mindset issue, but you will learn to relax that much I am certain of.

    It won’t happen overnight. There is no instant gratification when it comes to losing weight appropriately. You have to be patient and let the body work its magic. Getting enough sleep and letting the body heal itself is just as important as everything else. The body can’t do what it needs to do without patience and rest. You may not drop 15 lbs in a month, but over the course of 6 months the weight will come off and stay off, because you changed your lifestyle. Anal sex will undoubtedly allow you to get a good night’s rest as you will be tired after a good work out.

The Deviant View – Analcise

    I am not a weight loss expert. I’m just a man with a vision for a great country, and a great problem solver. This was just based on people I know who have lost weight and what I have observed personally. Now you may be asking how anal sex plays into all of this?

    Obviously, anal sex requires doing something. Even if you are a “sedentary” person you will still undoubtedly get one hell of a work out. I don’t know if eating properly plays into it, however, to be safe you definitely want to eat properly so your body gets rid of the waste in a timely, efficient manner.

    Mindset, well, if you aren’t focused properly it will be a lot more difficult on the “receiver” than you think. You have to relax and be patient to enjoy it. You have to relax your mind as well as your muscles. Finally, after a good session of anal sex on any given night you will definitely be tired enough to have a great night of sleep.

    My point of this article is I’m a problem solver; why not do something that will enhance your relationship, get your spouse on the same weight loss program as you to enhance your relationship and become closer, have it be fun and exciting all the while losing weight in a passive fashion. Persons in relationships that do things together stay with each other a lot longer. If I can solve the divorce problem in our country with my new weight loss program, well that’s why I’m the King.

    After I wrote this post, I started to consider that you don’t see that may overweight porn stars so maybe there is something to this after all.

By King Deviant
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