Second hand smoke – Tailpipe vampires and judgment of smoking

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    The only reason I am writing this article is I would like to point out that good and bad is not a good starting point for a debate. Neither is ignoring fact and personal responsibility to shift blame onto someone else, when in fact you may be the cause of a problem. I decided to post this article because I happen to believe it to be true and wanted to shed a little light on a few things.

    Before I get to the test, I would very much like to discuss something. The warning label on a pack of cigarettes states clearly, that it “may” cause cancer or other ailments. Let me call to attention about 10 years ago I was brushing my teeth, the toothpaste happened to be sitting on the shelf connected to the mirror, it was about eye level and too my surprise there was a warning label on it. In all fairness, I never would have imagined that toothpaste would have a warning label, much less it be something I should read.

    I, like everyone else, was always raised that brushing your teeth 3 times a day was what you did to keep your smile healthy and pretty. Anyway, since I noticed the warning, I started to read it while I was brushing my teeth, because, well I was bored. What I read was quite disturbing; it went on and on about the dangers of ingesting fluoride and all the terrible things that can happen as a result of it. You can probably imagine in that moment what I was thinking as I was swallowing half of that blob of toothpaste.

The Test – Second Hand Smoke

    Now to my test, if I were to place anyone in a sealed room with a bunch of smokers for an hour, I ask you what do you think will happen? Now, this is just a normal person who has been exposed to second hand smoke and doesn’t have any allergies to it. The answer is probably nothing, you may smell like second hand smoke, you may have watery eyes, or you may even come out a smoker. The point is you will be perfectly fine after a change of clothes or a shower.

    Now, I put you in the same sealed room with a car running for 1 hour. Do you know what will happen to you? You won’t know what will happen because you will be dead and won’t care anyway. I bring this up because although I don’t think smoking is healthy and quite honestly it really is a bad habit from day one. I would not recommend that anyone take up smoking unless you like blowing money, literally.

    My point is this, if anyone as a diehard anti-smoker wanting to protect your little children from all the bad things in the world, I would highly suggest you take a look at your own life first. Are you in fact shoving fluoride laced toothpaste down their throat 3 times a day? Are you in fact subjecting your precious little one to all the poisons being pumped out of combustion engines on a daily basis?

    How about we take this a step further, most people don’t know what the number one killer in America is today, I’ll give you a hint it’s not smoking. The number one killer in America today is stress. Stress causes people all kinds of ailments today that eventually lead to illness and eventually their demise. Stress breaks the body down and hinders the body’s immune system to fight off infection and disease.

    Now, having said that, how many people stress their kids out to no end? Constantly riding them to be better at sports in the hopes that one day they will get a scholarship to play in college and the parents won’t have to pay up and shuck their parental duties so the parents can in fact have bigger fancier homes and cars that can’t afford. How many parents unnecessarily grind their children into the ground over academics because they think good grades somehow correlates to success in jobs. Or even worse, they fear someone else’s child is better than their child.

The Deviant View – Tailpipe Vampires

    This is not a pro-smoking article, rather one based entirely in reality. There are all sorts of things that can cause illness in this world; I didn’t even get into the sedentary lifestyle of young people today. Instead of walking around passing judgment on everyone else, take a look at what you are doing right now and ask yourself if you are the problem, not a smoker.

    Smoking to me although it is bad, is nothing more than a slight of hand to distract people from what is really going on that causes major illness and disease today. The poisons coming out of combustion engines are horrendous. It is far worse than second hand smoke or even first hand smoke. If you don’t have any issue with your precious little child breathing that shit in, why do you care if they breathe in second hand smoke? I can assure you that with all the vehicles on the road today, they are getting a healthy dose of carbon dioxide on a daily basis, wherever they go.

By King Deviant
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