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    This is something I made up a long time ago and just never got around to publishing it. When I came up with this it was based on observations of problems in marriage and relationships and how we continuously just argue and fight over the dumbest things until eventually we get divorced. Issues that in a world where people have serious problems would never enter into daily conversation. Sometimes I wonder if we all just want to complain until everything good in our lives is just withered away. I honestly believe most people just want to complain are just never happy about anything.

    I have often wondered where the concept of lifting the toilet seat came from. Maybe it came about before people washed their hands or just some form of courtesy, either way it has never made any sense to me on a personal level. Is life that easy that something as ridiculous as the toilet seat actually matters, shouldn’t we instead be thankful we live in a country that has indoor plumbing and we don’t have to go outside and bury our poop?

    I realize that what I am about to say may sound ridiculous and on some level it is, but it goes to a bigger picture that we paint being in a committed relationship. It speaks volumes of how instead of working together we are constantly in a state of fighting, even over the dumbest, stupidest things. If someone were to ask me why I think divorce is so prevalent I always say blame the toilet seat.

    We all know there is this concept that men should put the seat down when they are done using the toilet and more often than not can become a point of contention between people. Why I don’t understand this is because, a woman can put it down just as easy as I can. It’s not like the thing weighs 50lbs and you are in danger of hurting your back or pulling a hamstring in the process.

    I have never complained that a woman should pick it up the seat when they are done. It makes no sense. Is this some leftover form of chivalry? I don’t know to be honest, if it was chivalry to begin with that would even be dumber. I mean who the hell cares, you are in there to do your business and get out. Its not like holding a door open for someone. Not to mention if it was that big of a deal, why do all toilets in women only bathrooms have lids that don’t go up? Why aren’t they glued down?

Problems in Marriage – Fighting over Meaningless Issues

    The bigger picture I mentioned comes now, we are to some extent conditioned to fight and argue over the dumbest things. There was a time where people understood that marrying someone needed to have little room for nuance. The reality is you are embarking on a lifetime commitment of sharing and tolerance. That’s what a good marriage is, sharing, tolerance and commitment. No one is perfect and the little things are just that, little things. Maybe as a society it’s just easier to fight over nothing than it is to deal with the real problems we all face today.

    This is a pretty easy subject to comprehend; there is no reason to fight over stupid things. If something is not a big deal it’s not a big deal. If lifting the toilet seat is a big deal to you, then GET A LIFE. We all have bigger issues to deal with on a daily basis. Don’t buy into the constant conditioning of the new media of arguing and be your own person. No one is perfect and I’m sure there are things that everyone does to annoy their mate.

The Deviant View – Problems in Marriage

    Life today is as hard as it has ever been. We do have a lot of convenience but we also have an enormous amount of stress to deal with. Sometimes that stress comes out on the people closest to us instead of where it should. We all tend to find ourselves in a situation in life where we have very little control over a lot of what goes on and sometimes in an effort to gain some control we fight over the little things with each other.

    Being married and having positive relationships you have to pick your battles, and trust me stupid ones aren’t worth fighting. No one is perfect and everyone has faults to a certain degree. Don’t spend your life fighting with someone you care about over issues that have no real bearing on the success of your relationship. Fighting over the little things will only lead to one place and when that relationship is over you will be wondering where it all went wrong.

    If anyone is reading this has experience this first hand then you know what I’m talking about and feel free to comment for those who may not be aware of the outcome of focusing on the wrong problems in marriage.

By King Deviant
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