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    I forgot many years ago when the music industry was embattled in a censorship fight. We had a person who felt it was her right to protect all the children based on her belief system, using parental advisory. A week or so ago I was looking at something online and right before my eyes I saw someone wearing a shirt with that very label that was conceived so long ago and I started wondering if that was really an appropriate statement from a parental advisory standpoint.

    I thought to myself if we as a society were going to start issuing warnings to our children from a parental standpoint shouldn’t those warnings be more about life and how precious it is. So I have decided to come up with a few parental warnings of my own. I will start to immediately inform my children about.

Life is short, enjoy it.

    Shouldn’t we as parents be concerned that our children have the chance to live a happy fulfilling life? Shouldn’t we be focused on informing them that life has an expiration. They won’t live forever and they should never put off something until tomorrow they should do today. Do we as parents want our children in the end to feel like they missed out on all the joy being alive can bring?

Be yourself, don’t worry about what others think.

    As a parent I am less concerned about my children fitting in as I am about having them figure out their own unique identity. Shouldn’t we encourage our children to be accepting of themselves and not seek out approvals from others? Shouldn’t we encourage them to learn how to express themselves in a positive manner and not look to fit in where they don’t belong.

Life is a journey, not a race.

    We don’t have to put so much pressure on children today to do everything so early. We can and should allow our children the appropriate amount of time as a child to explore and learn. They should be permitted not to have everything force fed to them because as parents we want them to grow up faster because it is more convenient for us. We should be patient in their exploration and tolerant and willing to answer their questions which tend to be more insightful and thought provoking that our own adult conversations.

Learn to love.

    This is the most basic foundation of being human. We often overlook the concept of love and provide a list of all the things they should look for in a mate. We have to teach them the difference between real love and commitment versus infatuation. They should understand that love is fragile and it should always be protected if and when it’s found. They should know that selfishness and love don’t go together. That loving is important and requires patience and tolerance.

Work is not a career, life is.

    We all know that jobs come and go. Life doesn’t. We should inform our children their job does not define the type of person they are. Their actions in life will do that. We should tell them that no matter what their title at work says that is just that a title that means nothing. How you treat your fellow man outside of work will ultimately decide how you are perceived as a person.

    In the end, you will wish you had more time. This is the most important one of all. We spend too much of our valuable time on this planet doing all the things we don’t want to do and none of the things we want to do.

Here a few ideas of parental advisory to teach our children:

  • There is no replacement for hard work.
  • Its never too late for a new beginning.
  • Tomorrow is a new day.
  • Be patient, not angry.
  • The key to happiness is you, not money.
  • As a person they are extremely valuable.
  • Do your best, mistakes happen – We should remind our children that making mistakes is a part of being human. No one alive is perfect and all you can do is your best.
  • Finally I gave you life and I can make it miserable.
  • The Deviant View

        These are my warnings of parental advisory as a parent to my children. They are not to warn them of the dangers of every little thing that can happen in life, rather they are a warning that if you don’t listen to what I am saying you will inevitably miss out on life and all the things that go with it.

        Today, parents spend too much time on the wrong warnings for children. We don’t need to warn them of pornography or the music we deem to be obscene. We need to take the time and do our jobs as parents and warn them that life is indeed too short. They should be informed that in the end, they should always want to look back and feel like they didn’t miss out on all the great things because no one told them what they were.

    By King Deviant
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