If modern society is a PIG there is no more lipstick

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If modern society is a PIG there is no more lipstick

    Everyday I read or watch the news and I often wonder how much longer modern society can keep going. If modern society was indeed the proverbial PIG we can all agree we are running out of lipstick to keep it nice and pretty. The cracks in the dam of modern society are forming all at once and soon enough the weight of our ignorance will cause a breach, that when unleashed, will wipe out everything in its path.

    The debt in the world is spiraling out of control. Through the concentration of wealth, we are witnessing a concentration of wealth at the top like history has never seen. Real wages are declining, more and more money is being spent on entitlement programs. The devaluation of the currency in modern society is reaching the point, where there will be nothing left to devalue. Maintaining a simple life with access to the basic necessities has never been more expensive.

    Resources are becoming scarcer. The competition alone for resources will undoubtedly become a major issue in the near future as more and more countries struggle to supply their respective populations with their fair share. The rate of farmland being destroyed, the depletion of the oceans resources, chopping down of the rain forest and unchecked burning of fossil fuels will eventually find the earth in a situation where it does not have enough to support all the forms of life that currently call this rock home.

    Modern society is on the brink of a police state. The police and by default the governments of the world are making huge pushes into denying their citizens their god given rights of freedom and privacy. Tactics being employed by heavily armed SWAT Teams, civil asset forfeiture and the spying of citizens in the name of homeland security are being deployed to control the masses in the name of security. Scare tactics, terrorists and gangs of violent individuals are being splashed across the media in an all out fear campaign to get unsuspecting citizens to give up their rights freely.

    Huge parts of the population have to be medicated just to get through the day. The stress of getting through an average day requires most people to be completely numb. Disease, illness and mental afflictions seem to be the talk of the town. You would be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t medicated today than someone who is. I personally know entire families where everyone in the family is on some type of pill for whatever reason some company can concoct today.

    Let’s be honest for some reason people seem to be getting dumber and dumber. Common sense isn’t so common anymore. Just look at the way people drive today. You see people do the dumbest things and for some reason they feel they are doing the right thing. Everyone today feels they are more important than everyone else and their life is more valuable than someone else’s. If you spend any time watching news or the media, the level of stupidity that is going on is astounding. Now we have people that are famous for nothing.

    The destruction of the middle class in most, if not all, of the developed countries is almost complete. People today are too afraid to stand up for their rights. Most people are so afraid to lose the lifestyle they can’t afford any way, they will let companies walk all over them. I wonder if there would have even been a middle class today if our grandfathers hadn’t fought wars in the mines, steel mills and the trucking industry. Everything our grandparents gave their life to build, people today have squandered away for their own selfish wants. Not even realizing they have, in turn, destroyed their children and grandchildren’s future.

The Deviant View

    I often wonder at what point does modern society and the selfish sheep wake up and do what’s right for humanity and future generations. If we don’t take a stand and start the process of fixing the problems today there will be no future for our descendants. We will go down in history as the sheep that ruined everything. If we don’t take the needed steps now to protect the resources of the earth and demand that companies start becoming responsible in how they deal with these same resources, what will be left for the future generations?

    It’s not hard to enact change. The good times are over and now it’s time to deal with the fallout of generations of unchecked greed and abuse. I realize change is hard and today no one wants to get off their fat ass and do something. Most people today will walk around hardcore and never lift a finger or get in the fight. As a society we have to come together, quit crying and whining over differences because we are different and realize that if we don’t change there will be nothing left to whine about.

    While we are sitting around fighting with each other over stupid issues in modern society, the things that unite us, like food, water, shelter and freedom are being lost to massive corporations and the governments of the world trying to control the masses. We have to look past the sleight of hand created by the few out there driving the stakes of intolerance and start rebuilding so everyone can live a better life and be able to afford the basic necessities we all need to survive on this planet.

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