The Fabric of our Demise (Collapsing Society)

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    I have had a lot of conversations lately about our current state of a collapsing society. When I am asked what I think the problem is, as usual the answer isn’t that easy. I think we currently have many issues that are coming together to a head all at once, each contributing its own problem that will eventually lead to the modern day collapsing society.

    I think most people have their own ideas and personal opinions as to what is causing the collapsing society of contemporary times. Everyone seems to be afflicted by different problems, some they are keenly aware of and other issues they probably have no idea exist. Through the media, many of the problems today can be covered up or explained away. Because there is a sleight of hand being portrayed doesn’t meant the serious nature of the problems don’t exist. I do realize people in general today don’t want to do much of anything, let alone stand up for themselves. There is definitely a fear portrayed that if you stand up for your rights somehow you are part of the problem. Nothing is farther from the truth. Our entire modern day society was built and designed for people who are oppressed to rise up and fix it, whether those out there realize or not is another debate.

    If we are to begin solving the problems, we have to at some point identify the problems and start there. Every journey starts with the first step; you certainly don’t want that first step to be off a cliff. There a few good places to start and then build on that, here is a small list of what I think is contributing to the current state of the collapsing society:

  • The attack on and collapse of the middle class

  • The middle class today is being eviscerated through the combination of tax burden and declining real wages. Who knows when, but that cannot continue forever. The middle class is on the hook for all the government entitlement programs as well as the corporate welfare that goes on. As the middle class makes less real money, is forced to pay more for basic necessities, they are also being tasked with supporting the wealthy and the poor. How long can that continue?

  • War for limited resources

  • The earth only has a limited supply of resources. It is a rock floating in space that has definite boundaries to work in. We see an alarming rate of depletion of the things like viable farmland and fresh water to drink. While I realize everyone is concerned about the depletion of fossil fuels like oil, I remind you, we can live without oil. We cannot live with food and water.

  • Ignorance and stupidity running rampant

  • You don’t have to look very far to see this is something that is contributing to the contemporary era of the collapsing society. If we cannot understand and respect basic rules of being alive and living in a world where we interconnected, eventually it will all come crashing down. The failure to understand and behave in the simplest way, such as respect your neighbor, will one day lead to dire consequences.

  • Accumulation of unchecked debt

  • We live in a historic time of debt. Never has the world accumulated so much debt that it cannot repay. At what point does this unchecked accumulation come back to haunt everyone one of us? If this debt goes unpaid, leading to collapse of currency, we will find ourselves back in the time of the dark ages. The only thing worth anything will be food and the things people need survive.

    The Deviant View on Collapsing Society

        The list I provided is by no means complete. They are just a few ideas on where to start and work our way through the rest. We need to at some point to change how we think and accept things that for whatever reason we have refused to. I realize that modern day society as we know it has been created by the media and those that have an interest in keeping the sham going. However, if we do not take a hard look at some of the issues I have pointed out, I don’t know where we will be in 10 or 20 years. The history of the world is not written in a day or week, it is written over generations.

        If we can all come together and agree that we in fact have to start changing something or there will be no history left to write, then we can all have a better existence. Hopefully, like our ancestors, we can create a little something better for our future generations and not leave them in a situation they cannot fix.

    By King Deviant
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