Man’s survival on earth happened because we could

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    The earth is in a state of peril, because of this, man’s survival is in a state of peril. I have often believed that man and nature are intrinsically tied together. Nature and man do not exist in two separate vacuums. Rather, when one is in despair so is the other. Actions in one cause a reaction in the other and vice versa. If there is one thing we can learn from history it is nature wins. Man cannot overcome the velocity of destructive momentum that nature can create when she feels it’s time to prove a point. Much like a parent that at times has to discipline a misbehaving child, nature at times is prone to the same techniques as all the parents in the world.

    Man’s survival on this planet has always been predicated on the fact that we knew how to withstand the fury of Mother Nature when she has decided it was time to knock us down a notch. If we were to consider a small child, they cannot overcome the wisdom and strength of an older, wiser, stronger parent. Man has at times tested that very theory with Mother Nature and like a child has found out the hard way that it cannot be done.

Mankind’s Essentials for Survival

If we are to consider how man’s survival has continued on this planet, despite our continual disregard for the repeated warnings of our Mysterious Mother Nature, we can conclude a few things.

  • Fire

    – the ability of man to harness the power and utility of fire. Fire has enabled man to stay warm through the coldest of times. Fire has proven to be the most reliable of gifts given to us by nature. We can use it for a multitude of reasons to enable us to survive even the wickedest mood swings of Mother Nature.

  • Water

    – We need water, we cannot survive without it. Purifying water is an absolute necessity, if we do not purify the water today we will inevitably suffer dire consequences given the breadth of diseases and parasites found in the water on the earth today.

  • Shelter

    – The skill of shelter making to protect us from the elements as well as predators is another skill man has historically mastered. No matter how warm you are or how much water you have if you don’t have some protection from the harsh realities of Mother Nature again the chances of survival start to diminish.

  • Food

    – the last one is also very important. We cannot live without replacing the nutrients we have to burn to stay alive. Food is quickly becoming a commodity that is becoming scarcer due in part to the growth of the human population, and to irresponsible farming techniques that have left huge portions of land unsuitable to raising anything except inedible weeds.

  •     I mention these items because I’m tired of hearing how there will be some sort of money collapse that will result in our demise. Sure a collapse of money will cause great hardship, but it is not an extinction event, it’s an inconvenience event.

        We can live without fast food and big box stores; we can live without paper money and oil. I would hope that we understand those are not the things we need to live. I realize some people may argue, especially if they actually have to swing an ax to heat their abode. My point is, man’s survival is not dependant on anything but tried and true knowledge.

    The Deviant View on Man’s Survival

        We all need to take a step back and at the very least acknowledge who our true Master or in this case Mistress is. We are not as smart and untouchable as we sometimes believe. I believe that by taking the time now to understand the fundamental principles that I have discussed will allow anyone to survive anything, with a few exceptions.

        Much like siblings where the younger ones usually fail to learn from the older sibling’s mistakes and thus experience punishment, man is the same. We have yet to acknowledge that we should find a way to live in a mutually beneficial relationship with Mother Nature, and not test her patience. So many of our ancestors have certainly tried to test her patience and all have succumbed to her harsh punishments in an effort to impart a little respect. If you ask me if we are on the same path of discipline, my answer is yes, eventually the patience will end and the discipline will begin. It’s happened throughout the history of earth and it will happen again.

        I have said before that I believe the old saying Hell has no Fury like a woman scorned came from Mother Nature’s fury. If we are to believe that statement honest, then we should heed the warning of our ancestors and not push the limits of what she will put up with. I don’t want to find out what she will come up with as a new and creative punishment for us.

    By King Deviant
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