The Awakening is Now

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    The human condition as we know it is changing and fast. I’m not 100% sure how to explain what I’m about to write and not sound crazy and offensive, so I’m just going to dive in with cement shoes as they say and either you will get it or you won’t. You, the reader, can take a minute to consider the ideas and thoughts I am going to present or you can continue to live in a self imposed prison of denial. I personally don’t care, but if you want to know how to live better, happier lives with fulfillment and satisfaction, by all means read on. For those of you that cannot crack the cinder block you call a brain just stop reading now and go back to secretly masturbating to porn in whatever dark corner you hide in.

    I can’t possibly write in 1000 words or less all the ideas and backing information it would take to fully explain everything, so this post will be an overview and later, as I have time, I will post more information. If we can agree on a few simple logical concepts for arguments sake, then this shouldn’t be too complicated.

Religious and Belief Systems

    If I were to discuss man’s history in relation to “religions” we know that through our evolution and conscious growth at times in our history man has required certain belief systems to explain things we could not understand. All of the ancient civilizations had some variation of a belief system in place to provide whatever purpose they needed to get through their day. Without going into an all out dissertation on the subject we can agree that about every 2000 years or so, a new belief system comes along to aid in the evolution of man and the current state of comprehension as it relates to the understanding of the universe and its wonders.

    Without pointing fingers or being overly negative to whatever belief system exists we have had a few “religions” that have essentially been around for 2000 years now and if you want my opinion they have essentially outlasted their usefulness. Fifty years ago, you would hear the people say that Uncle Johnny had the Devil in him; we know now it’s not the devil but rather something akin to mental disease, there actually is legitimate scientific reason. Five-hundred years ago if you were to ask someone why the sky was blue they would have said because it’s God’s will. Without being negative towards anything, we know that’s not true but rather there is a scientific explanation. What I’m getting at is the organized religions of the world have historically come along at a time in man’s evolution of what can be understood and comprehended at that time based on the accepted contemporary knowledge at that time.

The Time for Change

    Today, we have a bit of a problem on our hands. Unfortunately for us we have outpaced the current belief system and there is nothing in place to keep us going. I believe that’s why so many people are medicated today. What we currently understand and the way we are conditioned to believe is causing major issues for people. I can go into the many reasons why or you can just take my word for it. Humans in general like to have purpose and direction. We find ourselves in a time in history where we know God’s will is not the answer to everything and a time in history where our technology is replacing the need for humans. To make matters worse we are going through an awakening of sexuality that defies just about everything that last 2000 years has conditioned us to believe. If there was ever a triple threat it is right now. The awakening is happening and the tribulations will soon follow.

The Deviant View on The Awakening

    The point of this post is that for the most part organized religion has always been used as a blueprint for morality and explanation based on what man could mentally process at that time based on technology and acquired knowledge. What the next evolution is to be is not yet known, mainly because humans don’t really embrace change. Especially, any change that may go against their own personal agenda used to control others.

    We as humans are going through a historic era of enlightenment in our evolution. If we are willing to accept some of the old ideas are no longer applicable and we should develop a new version for the coming awakening it will be a much smoother transition.

    While I realize there will be those that do not want to change or evolve, well they will just get left behind as the rest of us move onto the next phase of human development. It is time to accept the new truths and knowledge we have acquired over the last 2000 years to carry us forward for another 2000.

By King Deviant
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