Is Marriage Between Just a Man and Woman?


    In keeping up with theme of the Awakening, I’m going to start exploring the outdated concepts by which we all live and how we are conditioned to continually argue over a belief system that became obsolete a long time ago. One thing I have become keenly aware of is the fear of change and how it correlates to real understanding of things that affect us. I’m sure I’m going to catch hell from the sheeple for what I am about to write but ,who cares, I can no longer sit on the sidelines and listen to nonsense over and over again that goes nowhere and does nothing to improve the human condition.

    I’ve heard the quote before that marriage is between a man and a woman. Technically a union between a man and a woman is a marriage, but also any union between 2 or more persons should also be called a marriage. I’m going to explain this to the sheeple for their benefit. This is not for the enlightened person out there that can think for themselves, unless of course you would like to use my argument to smash the ignorance of fools, then by all means go ahead and read ahead.

Marriage Based on What is Understood at a Period in Time

    For those of you that for whatever reason cannot take a step back and realize how the birth of organized religion and human knowledge correlate, the concept of marriage is a good example. Back before we had any real knowledge of the universe, religions were used as a way to explain concepts so humans “understood” “mysteries” at a time when science and knowledge weren’t always aligned properly. 4000 years ago religion was a science class. It was used to explain to people at the time how and why things worked based on what was generally known. I’m sure we can agree on that principle, if not then you’re stupid and don’t deserve to be enlightened. I’m not going to argue this point, it is accurate whether you like it or not.

Marriage for the Purpose of Procreation

    Thousands of years ago marriage had vastly different reasons than contemporary societies. One reason marriage was important back in the day was for procreation. What that means is to make babies, for those that don’t comprehend words with more than three syllables. So, what we have is a ancient explanation of sex education, if you want a child its between a man and a woman, and they are correct, I’m not going to debate all the ways we can today. I’m talking about what our ancestors understood at that time. To further explain my point, 100 years ago they would say Uncle Johnny had the Devil in him, today we know it was more akin to a mental illness not the devil. We know the sky isn’t blue because of Gods will and grace, it’s because of light coming through the atmosphere and reflecting off the ocean. We don’t sacrifice virgins to make it rain. Based on those examples we can agree why some of these belief systems were around. It is because humans are curious and for the most part want explanations to questions.

Arranged Marriage for Power

    Another reason marriages were important to our ancestors, is a marriage was the original form of what we call today corporate consolidation. Two families that wanted to consolidate their business and money in order to gain more power and control. (as a side note, some things never change) They would engage in arranged marriages between a man and woman that would produce an offspring and the result of the procreation would have control over both families interest. It was how corporate consolidations were done 2000 years ago. We didn’t have hostile takeovers or share holder buyouts, we had a marriage and offspring, which is a lot easier than what we do today.

The Deviant View on marriage

    This was just a quick stripped down explanation to get the conversation started. I didn’t write this to offend anyone. I am merely trying to explain how religion and knowledge correlate closely together. There is a tangible reason the divorce rate is so high today, its not because people are bad. It has more to do with the fact that marriages today are not marriages 2000 years ago and at what point do we realize that our knowledge and understanding have outgrown a belief system that was created 2000 years ago for completely different reasons than today.

    Furthermore, when man takes a step in knowledge and understanding so should the belief system that is imposed on society. I’m sure there are going to be all sorts of people that will quote what it is they choose to blindly believe in and all I can say is save your breadth. I’ve heard it and quite honestly I probably know more about it than most.

    We can all agree that something needs to change, that change starts with our own acceptance of the truth as it pertains to current knowledge and understanding. Not what society believed 2000 years ago or more? If you were to go around sniffing your own flatulence because you think it prevents or heals disease you would be considered insane? Why anyone would choose to believe the other forms of outdated ideas is beyond me. Now is the time to wake up, not live in fear and accept new ideas so the human condition can continue to evolve for future generations.

By King Deviant
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