Raising Minimum Wage is an Indentured Servitude Killer

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    When will we wake up and realize the truth and stop listening to the propaganda that for the last 40 years has permitted the ignorance of the sheep to enslave us all? I seriously cannot listen to or read the nonsense or scare tactics from the powers that be on the subject of raising the minimum wage. I’m recently read an article that stated that a 50 % increase would be a job killer. Interestingly enough, when CEO’s raised their own pay 2000% for no apparent reason and certainly didn’t warrant it, they never said that would kill jobs, even though it did.

Corporate Lies about Minimum Wage

    If you spend any time in corporate America, you learn real fast that in order to pay outrageous, exorbitant, unjustified salaries and bonuses of the top 1% of a company, they lay off their employees if they need to. If you think I’m lying, just look at HP, they had an outgoing CEO who tanked the entire company get 300 million and they laid off half the company. Who among us working in Corporate America doesn’t realize that when a company has to make its numbers, especially when CEO pay is on the line, they lay off employees to get there? Have we become that stupid we don’t understand the truth anymore? Who would even believe the bullshit coming out of their mouth? What’s even funnier, is these assholes have guaranteed contracts; no matter how bad they fuck up a company, they still get paid. You can dedicate your life and do more for the company than these morons, and when they tank the entire place you are the one perp walked out of the building like a criminal and they take home 100’s of millions of dollars. They buy islands and million dollar homes for their mistakes and your family is eating at the local food bank.

    Keep listening Sheep, someday you will wake up and realize the company door you walk through every day to sacrifice your life was really a slaughter house for dreams and future generations dreams to come.

    Raising the minimum wage won’t kill jobs; it will kill indentured servitude. I’m not an ultimatum person, kill-the-jobs-asshole, who is going to buy the crap you’re selling. How in the hell do you keep a consumer driven economy going if no one has a job? I give the talking head, snake oil salesman credit for trying, but I don’t buy what they are selling. Then again I have a brain and can think for myself, how about you.

    The great Henry Ford got the point of basic economics, if people cannot afford the junk you’re selling they won’t buy it, now they want to scare us into believing their rhetoric? HAHA my answer is ‘go for it’, we shall see if anyone buys your shit when it is no longer needed and no one can afford it. The funny part is the same people complaining about someone earning a fair wage is the same person who makes 10 million or more a year that they clearly aren’t worth either.

    These threats and scare tactics are for children, don’t get me wrong they may very well lay people off and they will lay off the people who need it most, because that’s the name of the game: lay hurt where you can inflict the most damage. They will go after the impoverished and weakest because the powers that be know that in a society driven by perception, a bunch of starving children will get the most sympathy and they can say, “ I told you so”.

Fighting for Future Generations

    I cannot believe people even allow or listen to these ingrates speak. Have we already forgotten that our grandparents and great grandparents fought wars in the mills, mines and trucking industry so that we can have a decent chance at living? It is inconceivable to me that we as people cannot take one single step forward to assist those that will come behind us, at what point do we realize that our children and grandchildren deserve the same chances we were afforded? Has our laziness and unwillingness gone so far that we forget to take care of the next generation, has our greed and stupidity superseded our entire reason for being?

    What I find to be more disturbing than anything is the so called “Christians” in this country that are not supposed to covet thy neighbor, which if they followed their own dogma we wouldn’t be in this situation. To prove superiority and get ahead to prove that we are better than our neighbors we sacrifice doing what’s right for all people and our own children. Think I’m wrong, just look at the statistics of grown children living in their parents basement because after college they can’t find a job to even afford basic necessities.

    People want to know what the meaning of life is; well, Sheep, the meaning of life is to make it better for the next generation and the generations to come, your McMansion and fancy cars won’t help the next generation have some sense of freedom and happiness, therefore, it means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

The Deviant View on Raising the Minimum Wage

    Raising the minimum wage won’t kill jobs, it will kill indentured servitude that is the truth that no one wants you to know, so long as they can convince you that being an indentured servant is good for them they will, wake up and pay attention. Our grandparents didn’t buy this line of propaganda; they put an end to it. When will we, in honor of those that came before us to give us this life, act on what was entrusted to us to ensure future generations have the same chances.

    By the way I didn’t even get into all the Corporate Entitlement programs that in effect kill the small business, which in turn makes it impossible for the small business man to compete.

    Wake up Sheeple, you are the ones ruining the future generations because of your ignorance; accept the responsibility entrusted to you, do something about it and stop believing nonsense lies.

By King Deviant
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