I Fear an Army of Stupid Led by the Foolish – Removing Competition


    One of history’s greatest leaders once said, “I don’t fear an army of lions led by sheep, I fear an army of sheep led by a lion.” For those of you that are ignorant, that is a quote by Alexander the Great. I believe he is correct, however today we have something much more dangerous than Alexander could have ever imagined. Today, we have an army of stupid being led by the foolish whose goal is to remove competition so the weak can stay in power.

The Weak are Taking Over

    We can all agree that somehow today we find ourselves with an abundance of ignorant and stupid people that are literally in the way. They can’t think for themselves, they can’t make a decision to save their worthless souls and worse yet, they are in fact getting in the way of the modern day warriors that can effect change and make life better for everyone.

Making the Strong Feel Bad

    These ingrates are nothing but a plague on the earth as we know it. They want us to believe in nonsense and ignorant rhetoric to make themselves feel better. It pisses me off, now we don’t call people fat, we use terms like BBW to make people feel better. You know what, you are FAT get over it. Yes, I used the politically incorrect term FAT. If you think being fat is beautiful that’s awesome, good for you. To each their own, but don’t try and convince me of something else. I know what I like and I like skinny. Now we are trying to shame people who take care of their bodies and convince them they are hurting the FAT people’s feelings. Let’s be honest, if you are FAT and you see a skinny chick in tiny bikini, and your feelings are hurt. Guess what, that’s probably a good thing and should motivate you to get in shape. Maybe getting feelings hurt might entice some to eat healthier and take better care of themselves.

Removing the Threat of Competition

    We now live in a world where if you are smarter than others you have to keep it on the down low because you don’t want to hurt the feelings of those who are less intelligent. Typically those are who are more intelligent and can do things better are a serious threat to those who aren’t. If you spend any time in corp. America, you know what happens if you are smarter than a boss or co-worker. You immediately become a threat to those in charge not an asset to the company. Of course you are a threat, do you think the sheep want someone like you around? You have to keep your head down and mouth shut, otherwise you will be looking for another job, and no one can figure out what is happening to corporate America. These stories are all over the place in contemporary corporate America. (I personally have been extremely blessed that I have always had great bosses and managers. Even now, I work for some of the best management I have had in 25 years and I have the utmost respect for them. I’m not saying that because they may read this I’m saying it because its true. They are forward thinking, reasonable people who make decisions based on what’s best for their employees and the company, you don’t see that very much anymore.)

Dumbing Down Society so the Weak Keep Up

    We all know what happens in education when you are forced to teach to the lowest common denominator, you bring down everyone. Just look at what happened to the public education system here in America. The quality of the public system has been degraded now for at least the last 20 years. If you don’t like that truth, fuck off, it doesn’t make it any less truthful.

    I literally despise kids’ sports today; again, we have a situation where everyone is a winner. Guess what, we have allowed the weakest, yet again, to destroy the real concept of playing a game. We should always celebrate the ones who work harder, can apply their skill better and do something no one likes.. .Be a GODDAMN WINNER. When my older children where in sports, it was always the same FAT people in track suits with their untalented kids lecturing everyone on how little Johnny was a superstar and didn’t get a chance because no one liked him. Let me be clear, if your kid is a superstar in their chosen activity, one thing you learn real quick is they will play because they are a superstar. If they don’t have any talent, they don’t play. It’s not because no one likes them, it’s because little Johnny sucks and is a hindrance to everyone else in the activity. (Yes I have seen where a child who is better does not play, but again that is a condition of the weakest kid’s dad who is head coach and doesn’t want little Johnny showing what a chump the coaches kid really is.)

Bring Back Freedom and Competition

    We have a situation today if you believe in freedom and good old fashioned competition as being truly American, there is something wrong with you. I have an idea for all those that are against freedom and real competition you can call my complaint line..1800FUCKOFF.. you will hear a pleasant greeting that says the following, ‘Thank you for calling the Deviant complaint line, how about you fuck off sheep. Go back to beating off to incest porn in whatever hole you came from. Get out of the way and let the big boys do what needs done to protect your sad, pathetic existence.’

The Deviant View on the Stupid

    I cannot sit idly by and listen to or read the nonsense anymore. We have allowed the weakest of us to get in control and try and convince the strongest that for some strange reason we shouldn’t be strong because it hurts their feelings.

    There is a reason every male lion wants to be king of the jungle. Competition drives animals and society and species to be better, stronger and more efficient. When you remove competition as the natural order, the process of de-evolution kicks in and it isn’t long until the species starts to accept mediocrity as the norm, then you have real problems as we are currently witnessing. It is complete and total insanity to believe any of this crap. The idea of competition is not the problem it is the weakest have gotten in positions of authority and they in turn try to enforce the ideas of “equality” and complacency as a way to promote their own insignificance and shortcomings as a normal way of life.

    Myself personally, I have always said that I want to compete against the best, why, because if I lose I want to lose like a man. I believe any warrior wants to go down like a man. There is no shame in getting in the fight and being bested by someone better. There is a ton of shame being a slimy, sneaky, weak, backstabbing, dead weight, leach of a loser.

    We have reached the fourth quarter of a tied game letting everyone play, its time for the big boys to sub back into the game and take back the asylum from the ingrates. Then as a society we can move forward without all this talk of economic collapse and doomsday. One thing I know from history is when the stupid and foolish get in control what follows is always an apocalypse because they made it happen through their own weakness and stupidity.

By King Deviant
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