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    Today I would like to share with you an idea that is near and dear to my heart. Supporting local business. We talk so much about low wages and loss of jobs in this country but the small business segment holds the key to changing all of that. We cannot expect corporations to treat their employees and our families with the respect and support that we all deserve, they clearly don’t have an interest in doing so. However, small business is far more prone to treating people right and offering better service and quality. It’s time we all got back to patronizing small business and giving family companies a chance to prosper.

Small Business Offers Better Quality

    Small business loses today primarily because of convenience. Where small businesses generally must focus on selling one service or type of product, the big box stores offer an all in one shopping experience. But the products and services big box stores offers are usually far inferior to the small business. People shop the Walmarts, Targets and chain stores because they think it saves them time and money. This is more of a perception that we have developed. To the contrary, I think it does neither.

    Just think of all the small businesses and people that offer specialty services in your area. From the landscaping businesses, to the butcher shop, the local franchise furniture retailer, to the home daycares. There is also an abundance of shops now available through websites like Etsy where you can shop small business from anywhere in the country. All of these small businesses are offering personalized products and services for the communities they reside in. They often do offer lower prices and in almost every case, you are buying a superior quality in products and services.

    These small businesses thrive on offering a better customer experience because they can’t afford to lose a customer. Where big box grocery stores can offer a bad meat product and don’t really care about the consequence of that, a local butcher shop will pride itself on selling only the freshest cuts to every customer that walks in the door. They need you to spread the word about the quality of their products and they need you to come back. They care about every single product that leaves their counter.

    The local farmer will take every precaution to make certain they are growing quality products for their small list of customers because they care about those people and their own families legacy depends on it. Corporate farms focus on one thing – production. They will produce the most food they can at the smallest cost, even if the food is barely edible. Just ask on old timer what a tomato or cucumber used to taste like, I promise you this produce barely even resembles what they consumed fifty years ago.

Small Business Builds Communities

    Shopping small local business puts money back into the community. Small business pays taxes and invests in its own community. These are the people that are offering better paying jobs, careers that offer flexibility for family life, sponsoring local events and schools, and the money they make stays in your community. To the contrary, the money made by corporations to distributed among billionaire executives, shareholders and sent overseas to invest in factories that offer less than humane working conditions.

Small Business Earns Your Trust

    The last idea that I would like to present is the perception of trust. I often wonder why consumers “trust” corporations more than the small business. When considering to whether to use a corporation or small business, the thought often enters if the job will be done professionally. Why do we assume the the small business owner will do a less than professional job but that we can trust the corporation? Corporations may have more expensive equipment and a shinier work truck but I assure you the time and attention to detail will not be anywhere close to the five star rated small business owner’s work.

    The future of business in the country is in the hands of the consumer. Let’s start supporting small business each chance we get. When we do, more products and services will spring up, money will stay in our communities, and we will provide more good jobs for the middle class. The products and services we use will be better, need less frequent fixing and replacing, our children will have a brighter future and our communities will be stronger. We have to stick together if we want things to get better. Let’s start here.

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