If equality means we are all equal, why do they make Penis Extenders?

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    The notion of equality today has taken a bizarre and un-natural turn for the worst. The idea that all men are created equal was meant as an ideological view for purposes of the law and to ensure that all people have guaranteed civil rights as it relates to fair treatment in society. It was not meant as a way to remove competition, ingenuity and creativity that all humans have. The founders set it up for the ability to compete fairly not remove competition completely.

We Are Not All Equal

    Let’s be honest, as it relates to abilities and skill we are not all equal and we shouldn’t be that way. Humans as an animal, like all animals, have a natural desire to compete and be the strongest in whatever we are uniquely capable of excelling at. It’s the natural order among all animals. Today, we are seeing the removal of the natural order, and I’m not speaking of equal rights. The conversation of equal rights does not translate to the end of competition so those that are not as strong can have the same as the strongest.

Competition Drives Excellence

    Our founders, when creating our republic, understood the concept of equality as it related to humanity. There was nothing written in the US Constitution that forbid competition. It was designed to limit the powers of government as a way to foster safe and effective competition among citizens without laws being created by the powers that be to stifle the human condition for the benefit of the few.

    Today we find ourselves using the law to eliminate competition so the feeble are carried on the backs of the strongest and that is not what our founding fathers envisioned. They wanted people of a republic to stand up for themselves, work hard for themselves and solve the problems of society themselves. NOT HAVE THE GOVERNMENT DO IT FOR THEM because they were too weak to do it themselves.

    No one would listen to the idea that a 5 ft 1 120 pound uncoordinated white guy should be a lineman in the NFL. Anyone would tell you it’s an absurd idea. We accept that in professional sport only the best, fastest and strongest should compete. Not only do we understand it, we crave and push for the best and can’t wait for the next big athlete to come along, and it should be that way. One of the reasons professional sports has been rising in popularity is because the athletes are getting better and the competition is getting more intense. However, we don’t always apply that same logic to life.

Competition in Corporate America

    Companies, many years ago would have programs in place to identify the best and the brightest in order to have the future leaders groomed and trained to lead the next generation. Today, promotions are largely based on who the boss likes personally and isn’t a threat to them, or quota based without any regard to skill or ability. If anyone thinks that’s a good way to ensure the next generation has a chance, you are a fucking idiot. We need the best and brightest to lead us into the future.

    When you seek to placate the weakest to make them feel better for their shortcomings,that is one thing, when you put them in positions of authority and decision making you are asking for trouble. You cannot build a solid structure on a weak foundation that is insanity.

We All Have Opportunity to Compete

    I’m not saying that everyone shouldn’t be afforded the guaranteed opportunity to compete. The opportunities should absolutely exist for everyone, that’s how you find out who the real best are. What I am saying is we should not remove the competition for the sake of equality, rather lets create the environment for completion through equality. Then let the cream rise to the top and quit crying when it isn’t you.

The Deviant View on Equality

    Let’s be honest, if it was the motion of the ocean and not the size of the wave, something called sexamine would have been invented to thwart the motion sickness and not penis extenders for a “tidal wave”. Do you understand what I am saying? The idea of equality should never be used in a discussion with ability and skill.

    Those that have more ability and skill should be rewarded accordingly. That is what drives the human condition forward. If we always try and make everyone equal, you will ultimately start to de-evolve because there is no real reason to move forward. The human condition will continue to diminish and there will be no reason to improve anything, because those that can, won’t. There will be no reason to be better if there is no reward for it.

By King Deviant
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