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    It had to be done people, the time has come for someone to step up and create an organization that stands up for the normal people. There are organizations out there everywhere that cater to every cause and ideology you can think of except the normal people. The normal people are the ones who are forced to comply with rules, regulations and bullshit that consistently tramples the rights of the hard working, law abiding citizens. The very people who pay the bills and fight for freedom are the ones on the short end of the stick. When is enough, enough I ask?

NOPAIN- Protecting the Rights of Normal People

    The older I get the more pissed I am. I’m tired of having to deal with these self-centered groups and all of their causes and the individuals who feel they can impede on someone’s rights without the unsuspecting person’s knowledge or consent. What about the rights of those that are being violated to placate the foolishness of a few? I am a big believer that you cannot violate one person’s rights for another person’s rights. It doesn’t work like that. The Constitution of the US demands that all rights are upheld and it’s the burden of whatever entity to ensure it’s done accordingly. The time is now for the normal people to come together and push back on those who think its okay to violate the rights of others. When is enough, enough?

    We live in a world where too many people feel they have the right to make decisions that affect other people without that persons consent or knowledge. This, my Deviants, is unacceptable. We the normal, deviant, hard working and law abiding need to come together and form a collation that will no longer stand for this degenerate way of thinking. We need to demand that everyone’s rights are upheld and any violation of someone’s rights should be dealt with as harshly as possible. Any argument from anyone that says “that’s too hard” should be met with the argument of “that’s too fucking bad”.

    Our collective spirit should form together with the force of a tidal wave, to annihilate anything that tries to undermine the rights and personal protections of what our great republic affords us. We as a population have to stand up and hold others accountable for the deterioration of the basic tenants of human rights. Some people today have no issue making decisions for unsuspecting people with the sole intent of destroying someone else’s life with little regard for the law or basic human rights. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP and the only way it will is when the degenerates are put on notice that it will not be tolerated anymore and the penalties for violation of personal rights will be severe.

    Let me be clear, I respect everyone’s rights. I don’t care how hard it is to make sure everyone’s rights are respected it has to be done in accordance with what our Founding Fathers created. However, there is not a soul on this planet that is ever going to convince me they have rights over mine. There are ways to ensure everyone is protected, that’s what the law is for. Companies, especially today, hide behind well it would be too hard to ensure we are doing the right thing. My answer to that argument is too GODDAM bad. The civil rights of the republic and the basic protections of the constitution come first and if you don’t like it, well then you can FUCK OFF.

The Deviant view on the creation of NOPAIN and human rights

    If we as a society do not step up and do something now it will only get worse. We don’t need to create more laws and regulations, only enforce the ones we have. The penalties for knowingly violating someone rights should be the most severe. The basic human rights are the foundation of our Republic. Anyone who knowingly chooses to violate the basic rights of someone else, without the knowledge or consent of that person is in my opinion the worst offender of the republic.

    This needs to be said so listen up. The rights afforded to us by our founders are the building blocks of a republic, the violation of someone’s rights should be met with extreme punishment. If you cannot adhere to the values of what our founding fathers created then you don’t deserve the rights they have bestowed upon us for protection. It should not take anyone having to deal with these degenerates before they stand up for their rights and the rights of others.


By King Deviant
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