There is a Reason Horse Thieves were Hung – Ruining Someone’s Life

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    Back in the frontier days and the Wild West, one of the most egregious crimes you could commit was stealing someone’s horse. It was punishable by hanging, with very little room for an excuse. There was zero tolerance of the crime and it was up there with one of the worst crimes anyone could commit. The reason is it was considered a heinous crime was because a horse represented a person’s life and their ability to have a life. The horse was used as a means of transportation, maybe tilling their fields or just a vessel that represented someone’s freedom. If you stole their horse you would by default steal that person’s life, and there was zero tolerance for ruining someone’s life and livelihood. Horse thieves were the worst of the worst. In any Republic that holds someone’s basic rights above all else, the penalty for being a horse thief should be the most severe and the consequences dire.

    Today we have a serious problem on our hands where too many people think it is okay to behave in a way that potentially ends up ruining someone’s life. We tend to excuse this type of behavior and make excuse after excuse to justify what I consider to be some of the worst crimes against our Republic. Our founders envisioned a society where everyone has the right to life, liberty, privacy and the pursuit of happiness without interference not only from the government but also other individuals and groups of people in the Republic.

Reckless Behavior that Puts Others in Danger

    The other day I was on my way to work, and I honestly witnessed something that I believed was a sign from the universe. That is the best way to describe it because had I not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it was real. To keep it short, I was in rush hour traffic driving through a tunnel. I was about half way through the tunnel when all of sudden traffic came to a screeching halt. Cars were going everywhere, to say it was bedlam would be an understatement. Someone about 3/4‘s of the way through the tunnel came to complete stop and started reversing through the tunnel. Honestly I have never seen anything so reckless with so little regard for the health and safety of so many people. I don’t even know what a fitting punishment would be for someone that stupid. The only way I could explain what I thought of this person was they are the proverbial horse thief. I was actually dismayed that person got to use resources that so many decent people desperately need.

Destroying Other’s Lives because of Inappropriate Behavior

    Now we have revenge porn sites where people post damaging intimate photos, we have secret recordings that are posted online that unsuspecting people don’t even know exist and when they find out, it’s too late, and permanent damage is done. Since when in our republic do we tolerate such behavior? If you are the type of person that feels this is okay, well I see you as a horse thief and you know how they were dealt with. We simply cannot tolerate anyone who feels stealing or ruining someone’s life is okay, period.

    This goes for identity theft as well; ruining someone’s life for your benefit is not okay. If you think it is okay to steal and use someone’s life, you are a horse thief and should be dealt with accordingly. We know the hard core drug epidemic is directly attributed to the over prescribed pain medicine committed by physicians the entire time knowing how dangerous and addictive they were. While they were collecting their kick backs and perks we wound up with an epidemic that is literally out of control. They were able to wash their hands of it, while the lives of millions of people were ruined. I call horse thief.

Coming Together to Eliminate the Horse Thieves

    There is nothing more important in our Republic than the building blocks or the foundation. If the building blocks are not protected and upheld it isn’t long before the entire thing comes crumbling down and then you have real problems. Our Founders entrusted us with the Republic for safe keeping and we have to get back down to basics by ridding the Republic of horse thieves.

The Deviant View on Ruining Someone’s Life

    I am a firm believer the men of our Republic have been entrusted to protect it. This is our duty and obligation. When do the men step up and deal with the degenerates? We have a plague infecting our lands and that plague needs to be stomped out. The only way it will is when people stand up and refuse to tolerate the willful violation of someone’s rights. When that happens, things will change. If you want my honest opinion, I don’t see it happening because there are just too many sheep that are either too stupid or too weak to do anything.

    I propose we have a law called the “the horse thief law”. If anyone knowingly and willingly seeks out stealing or ruining someone’s life without the other persons consent, the penalties should be the harshest and most severe we have in the Republic. Then we can get back to the important things we need to deal with, without having to worry about a bunch of degenerates getting in the way.

(Editor’s note: Since I’m what you might call a dual problem solver, we all know the earth is becoming over populated and shortly there won’t be enough resources for everyone. We need to figure out how to solve the overpopulation problem, just getting rid of the horse thieves will go a long way to solving the issue. I have often said if there was a virus that would just impact the stupid people the problem would be solved. Maybe this is the answer, we get back the holding the values of the republic and we depopulate in an effective and safe manner by getting rid of those that get in the way of the rights and freedoms of unsuspecting people. In a previous post, I proposed an organization called N.O.P.A.I.N., at what point to the normal people come together and say enough is enough?)

By King Deviant
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