When do we decide it’s time to move progress forward for future generations?

future generations, leave the world better off

    Recently I was watching a TV show that was staged in New York City during the American Revolution. I found it to be interesting because the buildings did not have electricity or indoor plumbing, the streets weren’t paved and there was definitely no air conditioning, modern furnaces for heating, or sidewalks. Everything we have taken for granted today as future generations, did not exist 200 years ago.

Ensuring Future Progress

    Society today has to start looking towards what will be needed for the future generations and regardless of how hard the change is, we have to do it. If people had decided that putting electricity to individual homes was too difficult, where would we be? Things like electricity and indoor plumbing are two modern inventions that have enabled the human condition to not only improve, but prosper in a way that has never been capable before.

Going Green for Future Generations

    Today, we have different issues facing the human condition and threatening the future generations ability to prosper. I am a firm believer we don’t always have to replace resources as much as we should learn how to use less and leverage the technology we have today to carry us into the future. Do we need to use as much oil today in a world that has video conferencing on our cell phones? Do we need to sit in rush hour traffic, not only wasting hours of our life but burning precious resources when the world of VOIP and VPN networks are the norm? If a company truly wanted to “go green” then all they have to do is update their mindset that the world of 8 hour widget making on an assembly line is long gone. If a company has the ability to use remote workers, then do so. You will not only save an enormous amount of money in rent and real estate costs, we can start reclaiming some of the land these outdated skyscrapers sit on. We, along with future generations, can lower the amount of fossil fuel being burned for no reason at all and we can get back to a true work/life balance, with a parent at home to keep a close eye on the “idle hands” that need to be watched.

Building for Future Generations

    Why aren’t we building houses that are using alternative means of energy? Why aren’t we using solar panels, personal windmills, geo thermal heating to lessen the burden for future generations that is currently overwhelming the grids? Building smart houses, that can generate their own power and feed back into the grid what it doesn’t need or at the very least take less from the grid. The technology is available and can be used in a very passive way with very little overall maintenance or time. We all have the ability today to do “a little” that will add up to a lot for future generations.

Progressing for Future Generations like Ancestors Did for Us

    Capturing rain water to use in gardening, flushing toilets, watering lawns, washing cars, why aren’t we doing this? Just imagine how much less stress would be placed on the entire system if we took these ideas seriously. Again, houses can be setup to deal with this automatically without any intervention from the homeowner.

    If our ancestors were big cry babies, not willing to change and embrace that change is necessary and inevitable, we would still be peeing in pots, throwing the excrement into the street to walk around in like animals. There always comes a time when the next evolution has to happen and regardless of it being hard, needs to be done.

The Deviant View on moving forward and progress for the future generations

    Change is never easy, but someone has to go first. I have often thought about starting a gofundme with the sole purpose of trying to prove these communities can exist. I have considered what the next evolution of the economy will be. We have gone through farming, manufacturing and consumer economies. The next one will be what I call the personal driven economy, where people are contributing in large numbers to the overall well being of not only the economy but the world in general.

    In the personal driven economy, as an individual you will contribute the resources being consumed, not just consuming them. You will contribute to the community you live in, not just exist in it. We will have a responsibility and it can be 100% passive, meaning you may not technically be doing anything but the technology you are employing will be, behind the scenes.

    I realize there are hurdles to get over, especially with corporate institutions’ outdated ideas, and possibly the government’s obsession with control. But I have a feeling that at some point it will not only happen, but need to happen. I know on some level, I probably sound like I am crazy or have the dreamer’s disease, but let’s be honest, indoor plumbing and electricity to every home or even the telegraph was crazy at one point but that did not stop the forward thinking that today we could not live without.

    When do we stop tolerating failure to proceed forward merely because we are afraid of change and what it brings? I recently read an article where this is the first time in recent history where the current regeneration does not think it will be better for the next. When do we own up to our responsibility and instead of sitting around crying about it, get off our ass and do something because someone has to lead the charge.

By King Deviant
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