It takes a village of idiots to destroy a child – bad parenting

bad parenting

    The other day I was at the park with my younger children. We had gone to a pavilion with a play set that was for children between the ages of 2 to 6 years old, because that’s the ages of my youngest children. The public park we went to is quite large, extremely well kept and very updated. All told there are probably well over 20 pavilions and there are features there for just about any age demographic. This post will be a cautionary tale on negligent or bad parenting.

Observing Bad Parenting

    The reason I mention this, while I was there it was crowded with a lot of families out for the day enjoying a beautiful mother’s day. I always watch my children and ensure they are using the equipment properly, taking their turn and being courteous of the other children who are there to enjoy their day. What I noticed is my wife and I were the only parents there actually paying attention to our children. I do not want my children running on the equipment, mainly because it is not only dangerous to them but the other smaller children as well. I do not want them pushing or being overly aggressive on a slide. I want them to learn patience and taking their turn.

    A large majority of the children playing on this particular feature were considerably older than the recommended age limit of 6. They were running around knocking over children as young as 3 without a care in the world. They were in my opinion playing too aggressive on the slides and other features. Children who are between the ages of 2 to 6 take a little more time to do things. Let’s be honest a feature that is designed for a 3 year old, a 12 year old will have no issues navigating. Pushing babies to go faster because these children are idiots does not seem like a good idea.

    I was looking around to see where the parents were. Not that I was surprised but more often than not they were sitting somewhere either texting on the phone or talking to someone not even remotely concerned about how their children were behaving and clearly had no interest in watching them.

Teaching Children Discipline and Control

    I am a big believer that as parents we have to teach our children discipline and proper behavior. Our children are not born with the knowledge and discipline to live a happy productive life. We, as parents, have to teach them. I have strict rules in my house; there is no running. I am not trying to be an overly controlling parent. I want to teach my kids to slow down and control themselves. They need to learn there is a time and place for everything and running in the house is not where you run. I want them to learn to discipline themselves and slow down when appropriate. Children do not know how to do it all by themselves, someone has to teach them.

    Today, too many parents do not take the responsibility of raising a child seriously enough. We have found ourselves in a world where parents want to be cool. We care about our children being a sports superstar or we use them as pawns in our own pathetic lives. Parents, have to take the time to install the basic foundations of civilized society in our kids. Children need to learn they cannot do whatever they want whenever they want. I believe so many of society’s problems are directly attributed to negligent or bad parenting.

Parenting Responsibly

    I’ve seen too many parents who push their children to get straight A’s is school, but do not take the time to explain to their children they have a responsibility to not only consume the resources on the earth but to take action to replenish them. I have explained, and taught, to all of my children why it is important to plant a tree when and if it’s possible. I have taught and had all of my children learn to plant a simple garden. Not because I’m a tree hugger or have some yearning to save the entire planet. I wanted them to understand there are not only consequences for inappropriate behavior but rewards for appropriate behavior. I wanted them to learn that nature is not now, it takes time patience and hard work to accomplish something that is worthwhile. Living in the moment for instant gratification is not the same as living in the moment doing the best you can with a little patience. We as parents should not be negligent or dismiss bad parenting as something other parents do.

The Deviant View on negligent or bad parenting

    Society has a lot of issues today and we all know that. As parents we have to take our job seriously. Not only pushing our kids to excel in school and sports, which for most parents, is for them not their children, but also teach them how to live positive lives based in self control and the fundamentals of the basic human condition. If we as parents do not own up to our responsibilities we are failing not only our own children but the future of the humanity in general. As a society we simply cannot not have 100’s of millions of people who do not take self control and personal discipline seriously, or who aren’t willing to take the time to instill the building blocks of a productive society.

By King Deviant
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